With a website that has over 6,000 pages, I found it necessary to put up what is new on the site.  With many repeat visitors, it is the easiest way to people know what is new to look at.  So here is what has been added lately!

What comes after the first update of the year?  The second update of course!  This time I added three more
Bit Ads!  They are Powerglove, Revenge of the Gator and Toys R Us NES.  Enjoy!

First update of the year!  Just needed a new computer.  Added four more
Comic Book Ads!  All in the Comic section - Harvey Comics, Justice League Giant, Marvel Supernatural and Richie Rich.

Two more Comic Book Ads!  Both in the classic section - Glowlight and Indian Outfit.  I also had to remove an ad that I lost the image and fix a few links.

Time for two more Comic Book Ads!  This time both are in the Classic Game section.  They are Baseball Joke Book and Get Along With Girls.  That now puts us at 1200 comic book ads!

Added three more Comic Book Ads!  All in the Misc Section and all Tootsie Roll.  They include Tootsie Roll Christmas, Tootsie Roll, Outer Space and Tootsie Roll Thanksgiving Float.

Also added three more Nintendo Manuals.  All in the Letter D - Dance Aerobics, Danny Sullivan Indy Heat and Darkwing Duck.

Also added three more Video Game Ads.  The new ones are Journey Escape, M-Network #2 and Space Cavern.

No, the site has not stopped, just took an extended vacation.  I am back and hopefully will be adding more.  Right now, I am trying to clean up the Comics For Sale section.  Many links have gone bad and I have been fixing them.  Right now, I am fixing the T-Shirts For Sale.  I have updated the Aquaman, Avengers, Batman and Captain America pages and added one for Guardians of the Galaxy T-Shirts.

A new issue of Retrogaming Times is up!  The 89th issue is up and ready for viewing!

A new issue of Retrogaming Times is up!  Enjoy the themed 88th issue that deals with Video Game Urban Legends.

Three more Comic Book Ads are up!  All three in the Hostess section - Hot Stuff in Something Else Cookin, Hot Stuff in Swell Party and Hot Stuff in Too Much Mush.

Four more Nintendo Game Manuals are up!  All in the Letter B section - Baby Boomer, Bad Dudes, Bad News Baseball and Bad Street Brawler.

Six more Nintendo Game Manuals are up.  All in the Letter A section - Adventures of Captain Comic, Adventures of Gilligan's Island, Amagon, Anticipation, Astyanax and Athena.  That should finish off the Letter A.

A new issue of Retrogaming Times is up and ready to read!  The 87th issue is themed slightly to the Odyssey 2.

Three new Comic Book Ads are up!  All three in the Toys section - Captain Action 9 in 1, Revell Racing and Road Runner Model Kit.

Issue #86 of Retrogaming Times is up and ready to read.  Enjoy!

Issue #85 of Retrogaming Times is up and ready to be read!  Enjoy another issue of the newsletter that rose from the grave.

Seven new Bit Ads are up!  The new ones are - Shadow of the Ninja, Skeleton Warriors, Spot, Super Arcade Joystick, Super Batter-Up, Super Dodge Ball and Swords & Serpents.

It has been years, but I finally added some new Nintendo Game Manuals.  Here are the new ones - Adventure Island 2 & 3, Adventures of Lolo 2 & 3, Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Air Fortress.

Three more Comic Book Ads are up!  All three in the classic section - Save Your Hair, Stop Smoking and Success Winning Voice.

A new issue of Retrogaming Times is up!  Issue 84 is up and bigger than the last issue.  Enjoy!

Two more Comic Book Ads!  Once again, they are both Hostess ads as I am trying to get every one up there.  The new ones are Daredevil's Dare Double and Daredevil in McBrain's Brain Drain.


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