Nintendo Boxes W - X
(currently there are 33 different boxes)

Wayne Gretzky Hockey - See the great one doing what he does best, play hockey.  Wouldn't it be great to have a nickname like "The Great One".  Sure beats nicknames like Lefty, Tiny or Moose.

WCW World Championship Wrestling - Back in the 80's it was known as the other wrestling league.  I remember how people who would argue about which league was better.  This one was supposed to be the more realistic league. 

Werewolf - It may be me, but if I was going to do a scary werewolf video game and wanted it to be scary, I would not use a yellow box. 

Wheel of Fortune - I am still amazed that there are four different Wheel of Fortune games released for the NES.  Guess people were practicing for the show or something.

Wheel of Fortune with Vanna White - The travesty of releasing a Wheel of Fortune game without Vanna.  I am still amazed that she has been able to make a career out of turning letters and clapping. 

Wheel of Fortune Family Edition - So the regular Wheel of Fortune is not for families?  I am confused. 

Wheel of Fortune Junior Edition - Gotta have one for the kiddies. 

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego - I still have that accursed theme song playing in my head.  I gotta admit for an educational program it was pretty good.

Where's Waldo - How anyone could make a game about doing nothing but finding Waldo is beyond me.  How anyone would buy a game about doing nothing but finding Waldo is even more amazing.  You could have bought all his books for the price of the cart.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - Any box that features Jessica Rabbit so prominently on the cover is all right in my book. 

Whomp Em - Cute little Native American.  Probably not the most PC thing but it is better than Chief Wahoo.

Wild Gunmen - One of the early NES games and one of the few for the lightgun.  Was fun for a bit but it did get boring quickly.

Widget - Who is this fellow?   Looks like a distant cousin of Kazoo (you know that alien that used to pester Fred Flintstone). 

Willow - Did every movie from this era get a video game?  Gotta admit I would rather play this than a game based on Ishtar.

Win, Lose or Draw - Remember the game when they made celebrities show how little artistic skill they had?  A fun game but one that works better in real life than on your NES.

Winter Games - Another sports game with a collage of images.  They seem to do this for every Olympic type game.

Wizards & Warriors II: Ironsword - See Fabio ready for battle.  What happened to Fabio?  He was all the rage and then he just disappeared.  Last I saw him, he was doing butter commercials.

Wizards & Warriors III - Maybe it is me, but Kuros is not very scary.  He should take a lesson from Zoda and at least grow some scary nails.

Wizardry - Is it me or does this cover look like something you would see in a tattoo catalog?

Wolverine - Classic pose of the most famous X-Men character. 

World Champ - Everytime I look at this cover, my jaw hurts.  A very nice but painful cover.

World Games - Now this is a nice take on the typical collage picture.  I really like the different events on the different countries.  My hat off to a clever box!

Wrath of the Black Manta - The 80's represented many things and this cover shows one of them, the obsession with Ninjas.

WWF Wrestlemania - One of the biggest events of the 80's and still today.  This box features the most popular wrestler of all time....Hulk Hogan!  Who were you expecting?  Koko B-Ware? 

WWF King of the Ring - Another of the many pay per view events.  This one features Brett the Hitman Hart.

WWF Steel Cage Challenge - Sure this box has Hulk Hogan and Macho Man, but it is the only box that I know that features The Mounty!  Now there was a wrestler.  Another in the long line of silly wrestlers.

WWF Wrestling Challenge - Nice close-ups of some wrestlers I would rather not see close up.  Maybe if Andre the Giant wasn't so big, everyone wouldn't have been too afraid to tell him how ridiculous those sideburns looked.

WURM - Joyriding to the center of the earth!  What other system offered such crazy games? 

Xenophobe - A cool box!  Gotta love smiling alien clones.

Xevious - The classic arcade game on the NES.  One of the first shooters.

Xevious Famicom - The Japanese version of the classic arcade game.

Xexyz - A very odd name and a pretty dull box.  Not sure what the gameplay is like.

X-Men - The Marvel heroes make their video game debut!  Gotta love those characters.

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