Nintendo Boxes S
(currently there are 100 different boxes)

S.C.A.T. - Ever wonder what Jeff Foxworthy would look like if he was a super hero?  If the answer is yes, check out this box.

Secret Scout - He looks like a young Donnie Osmond and I don't mean that as a compliment.

Section Z - I never liked this box.  Maybe because it is so dark.  I don't know but I never liked it.

Seicross - Looks alot like a scene from Tron.  And that is a good thing.

Sesame Street ABC & I23 - Good old Ernie, Big Bird and the gang!  Gotta love them muppets!

Sesame Street ABC - This is one half of the above game.

Sesame Street 123 - This is the other half.

Sesame Street Countdown - This one features the one and only Count! 

Shadowgate - Blood on a NES box!  I told there was everything on these boxes.

Shadow of the Ninja - Yep, another ninja video game.  Is there no end?

Shadow Warriors - Also known as Ninja Gaiden.  Ever wonder what he looked like behind the mask?  No?  Then don't bother looking.

Shadow Warriors (box #2) - He looks better with the mask on.

Shadow Warriors 2 - Put the mask back on.  Like Gene Simmons, he looks much better when we cannot see his face.

Shatterhand - A stupid cover.  Doubt the game is much better.

Shingen the Ruler - Is it me or does it look like Shingen is wearing a rolled up rug on his head?  I used to have a couch with upholstery much like that.

Shinobi - See the hip ninja as he is jumping at you.  Those ninjas sure were popular, what happened?

Shock Wave - It is not everyday you get to see an astronaut shooting at giant Hershey bars.  Now that is original.

Shooting Range - If you have forgotten how goofy looking the NES gun was (much of it was intentional as not to look real), take a look at this box.

Short Order/Egg-Splode - Huge hamburgers and exploding chickens, what else do you need in a game? 

Side Pocket - Why is everyone laughing in the background?  Is he getting ready to miss an easy shot or did he just rip his pants?

Sidewinder - A pretty generic box with some missilies headed towards a ship. 

Silent Assault - Color Dreams always has some of the silliest looking boxes and this one is no exception.  You have a poorly drawn Rambo clone battling aliens.  Guess that was the plot for Rambo 4: Rambo in Space.

Silent Service - My favorite part of the box is how they incorporated the submarine into the logo.  Very nice!

Silk Worm - No sign of the famous worm that creates silk.  But it is still a nice box.

Silver Surfer - It is amazing how one of Marvel's less known heroes can not only get a Nintendo game but also his own cartoon show and even was on the cover of an album cover.  Double S must have a good agent.

Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants - This is the one Simpsons game that everyone seemed to own.  A classic Simpsons box back when Acclaim could make some good games.

Simpsons Bart vs the World - The harder to find sequel.  The box and the scan is not as good but still cool if you are a Simpsons fan.

Simpsons Bartman meets Radioactive Man - Much harder to find.  Right there with Krustyland. 

Skate or Die - I am not a skater but I may be if I was given this choice.  The dude on this box needs a better shirt.  That shirt is whacked.

Skate or Die 2 - Is it me or does this look like a Tony Hawks cover.  Granted, Tony would wear a helmet but the rest of it looks like it. 

Ski or Die - If skating isn't your thing, you can try skiing.  Wonder if this series kept going, what games they would have.  Jaywalking or Die, Lawn Bowling or Die.  The possibilities are endless.

Skull & Crossbones - Cool box art with the great pirate theme.

Skykid-Why are they calling him a kid?  He looks like he is at least 40.  I was expecting to see that Home Alone kid on the box or something.

Sky Shark - That man looks insane.  I would avoid him at all costs.

Slalom - Another of the original NES black box games.  This one deals with skiing.

Smash TV - I always liked this game, but must admit that I never tried the two fisted action.

Smurfs - I will now admit to the world, I had a crush on Smurfette when I was younger.  Glad to get that off my chest.

Snake, Rattle and Roll - One of the lesser known Nintendo released games.

Snake's Revenge - If you do not know that this is Metal Gear 2, then deduct ten points and put the dunce cap on.

Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular - This game may have the record for the longest name for a NES game.

Snow Brothers - This is one of the more popular as well as hard to get games for the NES.  The box is cute.

Soccer - Another original NES box design.  Is it me or does the guy on the right look like he is wearing lingerie?  It makes me think of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Solar Jetman - Not sure where you can find red grass.  I know Kentucky has blue grass, but I have never heard of red grass.

Solitaire - Usually I crop the box, but with such a nice beach scene, I decided to leave it.  A good box to look at and dream of during the long winters. 

Solomon's Key - Not only does Solomon look a bit like Link of Legend of Zelda fame, but he also goes through a similar transformation that Link goes through decades later.

Solomon's Key 2 - Remember that transformation?  Yep, Solomon goes from an adult that looks more realistic to a silly looking kid (though he is much sillier looking than Link).

Solstice - Cool box, dumb name.  Who is this guy praying to?

Space Shuttle Project - If you like space shuttles, then you will like this cover. 

Spelunker - I feel for the bats, I really do.

Spiderman and the Sinister Six - Really cool cover of Spidey and the villains who are getting ready to trounce him!

Spiritual Warrior - Wisdom Tree made a stack of religious game and this is one of them.  Nice box.

Spot - Remember that 7-Up mascot?  Well, here was an attempt to cash in on his popularity.

Spy Hunter - A nice cover with a girl who always looked a bit like Jennifer Connelly to me. 

Spy vs Spy - It is always nice to see the the bird spies ready to do battle.  One of my favorite parts of Mad Magazine (and the TV show for that matter).

Stack-Up - Another of the games for the ROBB robot.  Maybe it is me but a game called Stack-Up does not sound interesting to me.  But then I never had a working ROBB so who knows what I am missing out on.

Stadium Events - A tougher to find game from Bandai.  Yes the same Bandai as you are thinking.

Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston - That almost looks like Thomas Dolby of "Blinded me with Science" fame. 

Starblade - It looks like the cover of an old pulp novel and that is a compliment.  Beware it is a very orange cover.

Star Force - A cover that brags that it sold over one million in Japan.  That is good enough for me. 

Starship Hector - It is either an anime influenced or anime based game.  Not sure which but I know it is not based on Hector Heathcoat (of Terrytoon fame).

Star Soldier - A dull cover if you ask me.  But if you use your imagination and turn it into space ships attacking the giant, then it gets a little better.

Star Trek 25th Anniversary - What can you say about a box that features the original Star Trek crew?  If you are a Star Trek fan, you will like the cover.

Star Trek: The Next Generation - See the cast of STNG as they smile at you. 

Star Tropics - Nothing like a nice scene of paradise to sell a vacation.  What do you mean this is a video game?  Oh well, so much for that.

Star Tropics 2 - When I look at this very nicely done box, all I can think is how Zoda needs a manicure.

Star Voyager - This is back when Acclaim made good games.  Really, I am not kidding.

Star Wars - We always like Star Wars and this box is no exception!

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back - Another great cover from my favorite Star Wars movie.

Stealth - Yes, that is the second game made about these planes.  But when you spend this much on a plane, you should get as much exposure as possible.

Stinger - What do you get when you add boxing gloves to space ships?  A stinger of course.   Personally I was thinking it was something that Duck Dodgers would use but what do I know.

Street Cop - Watch where you are sticking that billy club.  Owww!

Street Fighter 2010 - Before Ryu and Chun Li.  Wait, the game is called 2010, so maybe after Ryu and Chun Li.  Forget it, it is the other Street Fighter game.

Street Gangs - I was expecting to see some real gangs, but I end up with two rejects from a Popeye cartoon.

Street Heroes - Exactly what street are these people the heroes of?

Strider - I love this game, but the box is pretty weak.  I would rather see Strider fighting that robot gorilla from the game than this futuristic cowboy.

Stunt Kids - Another nice cover from the Codemasters.

Sunday Funday - One of those religious Nintendo games.  Some were actually better than you think and others are just clones of popular games.

Super C - Busy game and an equally busy box.  This one will keep the eyes moving for a bit!

Super Cars - A decent box with a bad scan.  But it is a very hard box to find, so I took what I could get.

Super Dodgeball - Nothing like a whack in the head by a ball to make a great cover!  That really smarted!

Super Gloveball - A neat cover even if the game was never that good.  But if you had a Power Glove, there weren't many choices for you.

Super Jeopardy - It looks like every other boring Jeopardy box.  Only difference is this box says the game talks.

Superman - Classic design for a classic hero.  What else is there to say but "Up, up and away!"

Super Mario Bros - What collection would be complete without the most common and one of the best games for the system.

Super Mario Bros (European) - Another take on the SMB box.

Super Mario Bros (Japanese) - Still another take on it.

Super Mario 2 - A great picture of the most famous character in video game history.

Super Mario 3 - Another great picture of Mario, with a tail. 

Super Off-Road - Tear up some serious turf with these bad boys.  Maybe it is me, but tires that big are bordering on overkill.

Super Pang - Never heard of this game and with such an ugly box, I am pretty sure I know why.  Of course it could be that it was not released in the USA.

Super Pang II - A better looking box.  Still will not win any awards.

Super Pitfall - A very nice box of a remake of a classic.  Too bad the game is not as good as the box.  Poor Pitfall Harry, his best days were on the Atari.

Super Spike V'Ball - See the battle of the red shorts versus the blue shorts.  Could this be a precurser to Red vs Blue?  Nope,  just some goofy looking volleyball players. 

Super Sprint - Very clever box!  With the car on an angle, it captures your attention. 

Super Spy Hunter - Love the original Spy Hunter?  Then avoid this game, the two are completely different.  A good game but not the sequel I expected.

Super Team Games - One of the few games that was compatible with the Powerpad.  The cover is lame with two cute kids jumping.  Have a rabid bear chasing them or something. 

Super Turrican - Another in a line of generic armored suits that was the big thing in the 80's.  He looks allright but they all start to blur after awhile.

Swamp Thing - A nice picture of the comic/movie/television star.  I would have liked to see Adrienne Barbeau in the picture. 

Sword Master - A nice box from Activision and a pretty rare game to find.

Swords & Serpents - Nice painting by Boris!  If only the rest of the game looked this nice.

(All games, images and characters are copyrighted and owned by their respective properties. We do not own nor intend to infringe on the copyrights of any of the parties. These boxes are up merely for the enjoyment of all fans of  video games.)