Nintendo Boxes R
(currently there are 50 different boxes)

Race America - A nice picture of a sports car.  Not much else on the box but it is a nice sports car.

Racket & Rivals - Looks more like something you would see in an art museum than a NES box.

Racket Attack - Another tennis game for the NES.  I am amazed at how many tennis games there were.

Rad Racer - One of the early and very boring Nintendo boxes.  Guess they put all their energy into making games.

Rad Racer 2 - Nintendo did the first one and guess who did the sequel?  Square.  Yes, the same Square who did Final Fantasy.  Not the best scan.

Rainbow Islands #1 - This is the first version of the box.  It is the sequel to Bubble Bobble and a hard game to find.

Rainbow Islands #2 - I think this is the nicer of the two boxes. 

Rainbow Islands 2: Parasol Stars - If you have this game, congrats!  A great game and a very tough one to find.  If I am correct, it was only released in Europe.

Raid 2020 - This game has multi-terrained action.  Probably means you can fight on both pavement and grass.

Raid on Bungeling Bay - Another in the long line of strange sounding NES games.

Rally Bike - I am not usually a big fan of Romstar boxes but this one is very cool.  Pretty close to modern art.

Rambo - A shot of a shirtless Stallone as he battles the entire country of Viet Nam.  Shooting a gun with hot casings shooting out and bare skin does not seem like a smart idea to me.

Rampage - Big monsters fighting on a building.  This is just too cool!

Rampart - One of my favorite arcade games of the era.  The worst thing is that I did not know this game existed unto about 10 years ago.  I could have saved countless quarters.  Bummer.

RBI Baseball - Know how people debate which baseball game is better today?  Between MVP and All-Star and World Series?  Back in the 1980's it was between RBI and Bases Loaded.  Personally, I liked Bases Loaded better but I bought both back then.

RBI Baseball 2 - A typical baseball box from the era.  Nothing special.

RBI Baseball 3 - The final installment of the classic game series.  I remember all the fuss over these games.  They look so primitive today.

R.C. Pro-Am - A good box but not a great one.  Check out the sequel for a great box.

R.C. Pro-AM 2 - One of my all-time favorite NES boxes.  Colorful and full of action.  Just a great box!

Renegade - Know how you can tell this game was made in the 80's?  Because during the 80's, every gang had to have at least one member with a Mohawk.

Ren & Stimpy Show Buckeroos - Not the best scan but you can see the two main characters.  What else do you want?

Rescue - I always liked this box.  I give them credit for making a unique looking box, when they could have easily made a cheap looking box.

Ring King - The other great boxing game on the NES. 

River City Ransom - These goofs are supposed to look tough.  Yeah right!  Love the buzz cuts.

RoadBlasters - Reminds me of those posters you used to buy and look at under a black light and under influences.

Road Fighter - Watch the car run over the head sticking out of the road!  What do you mean that is not going to happen.  Crummy box.

Road Runner - A very nice cover with the classic Warner Brothers characters.

Robin Hood - Based on the movie with Kevin Costner.  The box is decent, just like the movie.

Robocop - Yeah, it is just the movie poster, but it still works fine.

Robocop 2 - Probably the worst of the three Robocop boxes. 

Robocop 3 - By far the best box.  And that is not just because the other two boxes are nothing special.

Robodemons - An ugly box from Color Dreams.  At least their boxes are unique, if nothing else.

Robowarrior - Take a generic robot and give him a gun and what do you have?  A Nintendo game!

Rocketeer - A great comic book, a good movie and a pretty decent game!  

Rocket Ranger - The classic game from Cinemaware brought to the NES.

Rockin' Kats - A nice cover that looks like a movie poster for a Warner Bros cartoon. 

Rockman 3 - This is the Japanese name for Megaman.  The Rockman boxes are much nicer than the Megaman boxes.

Rockman 4 - Another great Famicom box.

Rock n Ball - I have no idea what games involves balls, hockey players, missiles and more but I am all for it.

Rodland - I have no clue what the game is about from this cover but it is a pretty cool cover. 

Roger Clemens - At the time of writing this (June, 2002), he is probably the only pro athlete who appeared on a NES box that is still playing.  Is the man awesome or what?

Rollerball - A generic pinball game. 

Rollerblade Racers - This box is an eyesore.  Turn this into a t-shirt and wear it around.  I promise you that you will get beat up on a regular basis.

Rollergames - Now this is a gameshow I would watch!  Forget that lame Survivor, this is the show!

Rolling Thunder - Another nice Tengen box.  That was company that could make nice boxes (and their games were good too).

Romance of the Three Kingdoms - Look at the three headed giant!  Where is he in the game?  What do you mean that's not a three headed giant?  Rats!

Romance of Three Kingdoms 2 - Almost looks like a Chinese version of Mount Rushmore.

Roundball - A generic basketball game and a generic box.

Rush n Attack - Hard to come up with something clever to say when a man is pointing a gun at you. 

Rygar - One of the classic NES games that finally got a sequel.  Only two 20 years for the updated version on the PS2, but it was worth it.

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