(Currently there are 24 different boxes)


NARC - It is minimalist at its finest but it actually works.  Seen much worse from Acclaim.

NES Open Tournament Golf - This is where Mario Golf began.  See Mario in some cheesy looking golf pants.

New Zealand Story - An awesome looking box and a great game to boot!  I remember playing it on my Atari ST.

NFL - A pretty basic box by LJN, who were at one time a big player in the video game market. 

Nightmare on Elm Street - Speaking of LJN, here is a better box by them.  Gotta love Freddy Kreuger, not literally, but you know what I mean.

Nightshade - I really like the comic book appearance of the cover.  Doubt the game is any good, but at least the box is.

Ninja Crusaders - Pink robots and golden ninjas, what the heck is this?  Either drugs or the Village People are responsible for this cover.

Ninja Gaiden - One of the classic Ninja games.  We all wanted be ninjas back in the 1980's and this was as close as we came, without breaking any laws.

Ninja Gaiden 2 - Now this is more like a ninja cover.  Tough looking guy and a dragon. 

Ninja Gaiden 3 - This time the ninja is standing in front of a burning city or what looks like a city on fire.

Ninja Kid - Boy Ninja, what a concept!  It has only been used what a dozen times?  Still a decent cover.

Nintendo World Cup Soccer - Not much to talk about here.  It is a soccer cover.

Noah's Ark - A very cute and colorful cover.  I really like it.  Cannot figure out what the game is from the cover but I still like it.

Nobunaga's Ambition - A typical Koei box.  Nice artwork and Chinese theme.  But what is with the guy with the fishbowl head?

Nobunaga's Ambitiion II - The sequel.  Not as nice a box but still quite cool.

North and South - A good cover for one of my favorite NES (and computer) games.  Much better with two people.

Olympic IQ - This is one of those odd games that I never heard of.  But with the 1,000 different games released around the world, there are many I have never heard of.

Operation Secret Storm - Look it is Saddam!  This is a favorite cover of dartboards everywhere!

Operation Wolf - Blazing guns and is that Karnov to the right?  Or maybe it is the Iron Sheik.  I always get those two confused.

Orb 3-D - A very futuristic cover.  I actually like it.

Othello - This is the common box that you see quite a bit. 

Othello 2 - This is not a sequel, but a whole different company and box design.

Over Horizon - Never heard of the game, but the box cover is very cool.  Doubt the game lives up to it.

Overlord - I remember playing the computer version of the game.  A fun resource management game. 

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