(Currently there are 56 different boxes)


Kabuki Quantum Fighter - The box is better than the name.  I actually like the box with the cards and all.

Karate Champ - One of the classic NES games.  I don't know about you, but when I was younger I used to confuse this with Kung Fu, even if both games are completely different.

Karate Kid - Danielson you must buy this game.  If not you will wash my car and paint my house again.

Karnov - The fire breathing Russian is the focus of this game.  Gotta admit he is a unique character, if nothing else.

Kickle Cubicle - An interesting looking box for a unique game. 

Kick Master - Karate champ versus gargoyles and a woman with ridiculously long nails.  Someone tell that woman to clip those things.

Kick Off - This box does a good job of capturing the feel of soccer.  Not bad.

Kid Icarus - Typical Nintendo box with actual game screens.  

Kid Klown - I hope he does dress like that for school, unless he goes to clown college.

Kid Kool - Exactly what are these wonder herbs that Kid Kool is searching for? 

Kid Niki Radical Ninja - Only in the 80's could a ninja be radical.  Of course in the 80's turtles were also ninjas.

King Neptune's Adventures - See the king of the merman on his throne.

King of Fighters '95 - The classic Neo Geo game on the NES.  Talk about a letdown.

King of Kings - A nice religious cover.  Not sure it sold many games based on the cover, but it would make a nice Christmas card.

King's Knight - One of the early Square games.  Yes, they have done games beside Final Fantasy.

Kings of the Beach - That is one big volleyball.  Let some air out, dudes.

King's Quest 5 - A classic Sierra game.  The box is pretty bland.

Kirby's Adventure - The first appearance of the fan favorite Nintendo character. 

Kiwi Kraze - This box is so bizarre, but yet it is captures my attention.  I must look away.

Klash Ball - A very cool cover that looks like Rollerball the video game.

Klax - Great game, but one very ugly box.  This is one you won't want to make a t-shirt out of.

Knight Rider - Nice picture of KITT.  Makes you wonder what kind of game it could be when KITT was invincible and had a ton of weapons. 

Krazy Kreatures - A very bizarre cover and another that features the color pink.  Game box designers did not shy away from any colors on the NES.

Krion Conquest - This lady is wearing one large hat.  Looks like a cross between a graduation hat and a chef's hat.

Krusty's Fun House - Yes that is Krusty the Clown from the Simpsons.  A great looking cover and probably the best looking of all the Simpsons covers for the NES.

Kung Fu - One of the games I wanted when I bought my NES.

Kung Fu Heroes - Cute little kung fu kids. awwww.

Laser Invasion - A whole bunch of military vehicles coming at you and one crazed looking guy with a big knife in the bottom right hand corner.  The sad thing is that I fear him more than the tanks or helicopters.

Last Action Hero - Proof that just about every Arnold movie was made into a NES game.

Last Ninja - Just another boring picture of a ninja.  At least have him slashing a watermelon in half or something.

Last Starfighter - I wish they had the arcade game the kid was playing in the movie.  I must admit I enjoyed the movie.

Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf - When I think of golf and I think of fighting, Lee Trevino is not the first name to pop up.  Not that I ever thought of the two together.

Legacy of the Wizard - Is it me or does it look like you have three adventurers and a muppet?

Legend of Kage - The cover looks like a bad prom picture.  I doubt samurai went to proms.  Masquerade parties, yes, but definitely not proms.

Legends of the Diamond - Now this is something that I wish they would do again, make a game based on classic baseball players. 

Legend of Prince Valiant - A nice box of a character that most kids probably never heard of.  Based on the popular comic strip.

Legend of Zelda - One of the classics and if I am correct, the first gold colored cart.  We gamers like our shiny things.

Legendary Wings - I like how the wing seems to go right off the box.  Many boxes do this but most just look bad.  This one looks good.

Lemmings 1 - Out of the two Lemmings boxes, I like this one better.  Captures the suicidal tendencies of the lemmings better, but in a cute way.  Never thought I would write a sentence like that.

Lemmings 2 - This box is alright, but does not say Lemmings.  Looks more like a Dr. Seuss book or something.

Lethal Weapon - I think this is the movie poster from Lethal Weapon 2, not that it really matters.

L' Empereur - Koei almost always has nice boxes and this one is no exception. 

Life Force - Galactic fiery space snakes.  That is something that NASA hasn't had to deal with yet.

Linus Spacehead - Another of the cute characters made by Codemasters.  Not as cute as Dizzy or Bignose but he is OK.

Lion King - I applaud the people who did this box.  Most Disney boxes would have had Simba right up front and looking all cute with attitude.  But not this box, they have a nice silhouette of the animals against the African sun.  Nice box!

Little League Baseball - See a collage of kids playing baseball.  Not a bad box.

Little Mermaid - There is Ariel listening to those stupid eels.  Don't listen to them, they mean you harm.

Little Nemo Dream Master - The classic comic strip is turned into a video game.  When is the Dagwood and Blondie video game coming out?

Little Ninja Brothers - A very cool looking box.  Proof that even Culture Brain can make a great looking box.

Little Red Hood - See the cute little girl and her dog attacking innocent goblins.  That dog is mean.

Little Sampson - See a cabbage patch kid fighting monsters and dragons.  Maybe it is just me, but Little Sampson just looks too much stinkin cute.

Lode Runner - Imagine the guy in the picture without the gun in his hand.  Now look at his face and the way he is holding his other hand.  Doesn't it look like he is trying to flag down a bus.

Lone Ranger - This is one of my favorite NES boxes.  Not sure how many of these elements make it into the game but the book is sure nice.

Loopz - The most addictive game ever?  Thought that title went to Tetris. 

Low G-Man - A very dull box cover.  All yellow with a few feet.  I get what they are trying to achieve with the box, but it is still dull.

Lunar Pool - Playing pool in space.  I guess they wanted to do something different.

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