(Currently there are 57 different boxes)


Hammering Harry-Watch out as Harry is ready to bop you on the head with his hammer!  Now you know what a whack-a-moles sees.

Harlem Globetrotters - Who doesn't love the Globetrotters?  Too bad there is no Curly Neal or Meadowlark Lemon.

Hatris - A decent game but it had to follow a legend.  This was the follow-up to Tetris from the same programmer.  Still a decent cover.

Heavy Barrel - Two men with guns blazing.  Could be one of many covers or movie posters.

Heavy Shreddin-Dude, your snowboard is pink.

High Speed Pinball-Being a big pinball fan, I found the box very nice.  Now I must see if the game is any good. 

Hogan's Alley-One of the classic Nintendo boxes.  This guy is so pixelated, it is hard to be scared by him.

Hollywood Squares - Couldn't Gametek pony up and give us Charles Nelson Riley on the box or something?  Talk about dull.

Home Alone - It is the classic cover of Macaulay Culkin with the shocked look on his face.  Maybe he was his future career and what happened to it.

Home Alone 2 - This is the same as the movie poster to the sequel. 

Hook - A decent cover of Peter Pan battling Captain Hook.  Based on the movie of the same name.

Hook (European cover) - This one is the same as the movie poster with a picture of the hook.

Hoops - One of the most generic covers ever.  Two guys playing ball in front of what looks like a wall of graphitti.  They are even wearing generic clothes.  And no good graphitti either.

Hot Slots - Not many people know it, but there were three adult games released on the Nintendo.  From a company called Panesian, these games were mostly Tetris style games with a bit of nudity.  This is one such game.

Hudson Hawk - Another lame movie turned into a lame game. 

Hunt For Red October - Close-up of Sean Connery, probably the only man who was in his 60's and still voted the sexiest man alive.

Hydlide - Cool picture of a man battling a dragon.  My money is on the dragon.

Ice Climber - One of the original NES games and a very fun game to boot.  Box is decent, but none of the early NES boxes were anything to write home about.

Ice Hockey - Just what you expected, a hockey player.

Ikari Warriors 1 - Not the best scan, but it does the job.

Ikari Warriors 2 - Same as above.  A decent box.

Ikari Warriors 3 - The nicest box and also the rarest.  While not ridiculously rare, it is fairly hard to find.

Image Fight - Looks like a cross between Battlestar Galactica and Robotech.

Impossible Mission II (AVE) - This is the better of the two boxes, even if the guy looks a little like David Hasselhoff.

Impossible Mission II (SEI) - This cover is just lame.

Incredible Crash Dummies - The NES was a strange system.  It seemed like everything was made into a video game.  First the Noid and now this.  I must say that it is one of the nicest and most colorful Nintendo boxes.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade (Taito) - A closer view of Indiana Jones on a horse.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade (Ubisoft) - Pretty much the same box as above but this one has a further view of Indy and you can see more sky. 

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Tengen) - This is the one most people have seen.  Not a bad box.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Mindscape) - This one came out later and is harder to find. 

Indy Heat - A picture of a race car, but you could have figured that one out.

Infilitrator - Is it me or is that one weird looking helicopter?

International Cricket - I am not a cricket fan or very familiar with it, but I find that all yellow costume to be very gaudy.

Iron Tank - Nice cover from SNK.  It was in their pre-fighter era.  Hard to believe a company that made a big variety of different games, later became known for mostly doing fighters.

Isolated Warrior - The guy is trying to look tough but that is hard to do when you are wearing an all pink costume.

Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road - Ready to do some serious off-roading?

Jackal - Men in jeeps, ho hum. 

Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu (European version) - I like this box better.  It is more cartoony and fits the Jackie Chan that is more known.

Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu (American version) - This one has him doing a Bruce Lee pose.  He looks too serious.  I know he is a great martial artist but it is his comedic style that has made him unique.

Jackpot - What the cat has to do with a slot machine is anyone's guess.  If I won a jackpot and ended up with a cat, I would be peeved.

Jack Nicklaus Golf - What can you say, it is Jack and it is golf.

James Bond Jr - To tell the truth, there are probably hundreds of James Bond Jrs running around the world.  We are talking about a man who had no idea what monogamous meant.

Jaws - Yes, someone scribbled on the big bad shark.  Just think of it as a net that he ripped through.

Jeopardy - Bet you can guess what is on this cover.

Jeopardy Junior Edition - A nicer picture of the same thing as the regular box.

Jeopardy 25th Anniversary Edition - More of the same.

Jetsons Cogswell's Caper - Why is it that in the theme song, his wife gets mentioned last?  Jane deserves better than that.

Joe & Mac - Why is it that Hollywood always makes cavemen look so primitive and ugly, yet cavewomen are always so beautiful?  Just think of Racquel Welch, Barbara Bach (in the movie Caveman) and Wilma Flintstone.

John Elway - Mr. Coors is shown here in his pre-Super Bowl victories and beer commercials.

Jordan vs Bird - See two of the greatest in the history of basketball as they jump for the ball.  Little trivia, the predecessor to this game, Dr. J vs Larry Bird was the first sports games to license individual players. 

Joshua - Another religious game from Wisdom Tree.

Journey to Silius - The cover looks nice with the planetscape and everything, until you get to the bottom and see the little guy with the gun.  If he didn't look so much like Anthony Michael Hall, the cover would have been nicer.

Joust - A very nice box of a classic arcade game (it even says so on the box).  But I always imagined the ostrich looking a little more menacing.

Jungle Book - Mowgli is on his own and battling all kinds of foes.  Where is Baloo at?

Jungle Book - Oh there is Baloo.

Jurassic Boy - He is supposed to be a cute dino kid but he just looks silly to me.  I mean a boy that is pink?  Get with it.

Jurassic Park - Just the classic Jurassic Park logo but it is a nice logo.  Hard to believe the movie is that old.