(currently there are 120 different boxes)


Baby Boomer - A shooting game and a baby?  That is just wrong on so many levels!

Back to the Future - Probably the only video game that features a Deloreon.  I was so close to buying one of those cars back then.  I just thought the gull wing doors were so cool.

Back to the Future 2 & 3 - Two mediocre movies combined for one mediocre game!  Only in America!

Bad Dudes - Want to know what bad dudes look like?  Click on the link and see.

Bad Dudes versus Dragon Ninja - What happened?  The Ninja Turtles declined to fight them? 

Bad News Baseball - Not to be confused with the Bad News Bears.  This games does have both boy and girl mode.

Bad Street Brawler - One of the only games for the power glove.  The power glove is now becoming a collector's item.  Go figure.

Balloon Fight - Another of the first generation NES games.  This one is pretty much a ripoff of Joust but a good ripoff.

Banana Prince - I was bummed.  I was looking for a banana with a crown or at least a prince fighting with a banana.  Oh well.

Bandai Golf - A golfer in a pink shirt.  I know golfers wear interesting clothes but this is crazy.  Give me a Hawaiian shirt anyday.

Bandit Kings of China - Typical Koei box with a bunch of angry looking warriors.

Barbie - Everyone's favorite doll has a video game.  Who knew it would lead to dozens of other games. 

Bard's Tale - The classic computer game comes to the NES.  The cover is a bunch of guys sitting around and talking. 

Barker Bill's Trick Shooting - Wonder if Barker Bill is related to Mario?  They sure look alike. 

Baseball - Another of the original NES boxes.  The funny thing about this box is look at the size of the baseball.  It looks like a volleyball.  How could you miss that?

Baseball Simulator 1.000 - This is considered one of the more novel baseball games ever released.  Find it and see for yourself.

Baseball Stars - One of the great Nintendo games!  Not a bad box either!

Baseball Stars 2 - Sorta like the Baseball Stars box from a different perspective.

Bases Loaded - Boy that pitcher looks mad!  Wonder what the "W" on his hat stands for?  Think they would have put a "J" for Jaleco or something.  <Side note: I have been informed that the "W" stands for Wilson, like the sporting goods company.>

Bases Loaded II The Second Season - This time around they put the hitter on the cover.  Other than that, it is pretty much the same design as the first one.

Bases Loaded 3 - This time they decided to get a star athlete to endorse their product.  Enter Ryne Sandberg.

Bases Loaded 4 - A whole different color scheme and box design.  What happened to my Bases Loaded?

Base Wars - Robots playing baseball, what a novel concept.  Wait, didn't they have robots playing football too?  Maybe it is not so novel.

Batman - It is just the insignia, but with a symbol that is so universal, why not use it?

Batman Returns - I have not seen this movie since it came out but I remember hating it.  Guess I need to see it again.  The box is decent, nothing more.

Batman Return of the Joker - The Clown Prince gets the cover and it looks good.  Nice to see a villain win a cover.

Battle Chess - Gotta respect a woman who is both beautiful and powerful. 

Battle of Olympus - Very cool cover!  Game isn't too shabby either.

Battle Ship - A good cover at conveying exactly what the game is and that is a console version of the board game.

Battle Tank - Gary Kitchen of Activision fame working for the NES.  Another of the many in your face covers of the Nintendo.

Battletoads - Remember these TMNT ripoffs?  They were quite popular on the NES and even teamed up with Double Dragon.

Battletoads and Double Dragon - The team-up we all waited for.  OK, maybe not everyone but for Battletoads fan it was.

Beauty & the Beast - One of the European games that I don't think was released in the States.  Nice box.

Bee 52 - One of those gold carts from Camerica.  Talk about a way to create the illusion of having something valuable.

Beetlejuice - Looks like the movie poster.  Still pretty nice, though the LJN rainbow makes the people at the bottom look like they are on their way to Oz.

Best of the Best - Kung Fu fighting.  Good song and a good theme for a video game.

Bible Adventures - A nice collage of Bible images.  You have Abraham, Noah and David and Goliath.  No, that is not the members of the Bay City Rollers.  Go read your bible.  Now!

Bible Buffet - What hot dogs and pizza have to do with the bible is anyone's guess but it is a cute cover.  Looks more like a snack bar cartoon you would see at intermission at the drive-in than a bible game.

Big Bird's Hide and Speak - Another Sesame Street game for the system.  If you are a big fan of Sesame Street video games, head to the letter S and you will see a whole bunch.

Bigfoot - Sorry, this isn't about everyone's favorite mythical creature, but rather about those trucks with the ridiculously large tires.  You know, the ones that frighten every form of wildlife out there.

Bignose the Caveman - Now is it nice to make fun of a persons profile?  I don't think so.  Even cavemen have feelings (and very big clubs).

Bignose Freaks Out - Maybe it is just me but if I all of sudden became as hairy as Bignose did, I would freak out too.  Get that man a good razor.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - Hey dude, another movie that really didn't need a video game.  What ever happened to the other guy?  We all know what happened to Keanu Reeves, but what about what's his face?

Bionic Commando - An exciting box for an exciting game.  But I do not remember this scene from the game (but then I was never very good at the game, so I may have never gotten that far).

Black Bass - That is one big, ugly fish.  Sorta a plain box.

Blackjack - A very rare box!  Nothing too special about it, but it is rare.  Did I mention that?

Blades of Steel - I am guessing the NHL wasn't endorsing this product, especially with a nice fight scene on the cover.

Blaster Master - Is it me or is that one stupid looking monster?  Top it off with the person who is aiming the gun is missing the creature, entirely.

Blues Brothers - I think the car chase through the mall would make a great video game but I doubt it would come over well on the NES.  The box is pretty cool.

Blue Marlin - At least this fish is prettier than the Black Bass fish.  

Blue Shadow - An import game.  I would like to see that old man in the background, fight one on one with the guy from Chessmaster.  Now that would be cool!

Bo Jackson's Baseball - It is hard to make today's youth understand just how big Bo Jackson was.  He was a cultural phenomenon. 

Bomberman - Both the box art and the game are far inferior to the sequel.  Oh well, it did start the Bomberman craze that is still going today.

Bomberman 2 - A very hard game to find and the box is even tougher.  A great version of the classic game and eons better than Bomberman 1.

Bonk's Adventure - That's right, the Turbo-Grafx star comes to the NES. 

Boulderdash - You better have a good game if you are going to make your box purple.  Luckily, the game is much better than the choice of box color.

Boy & His Blob-One of my favorite Nintendo boxes!  Tells a story on the box!   Great job!

Breakthru - This must have been a very well selling game as  I see it every time I go to a used game store. 

Break Time - A pretty neat cover with a close up of some pool balls. 

Bubble Bath Babes - One of the three adult Nintendo games.  And like the other two, you are hurting if you get anything other than a laugh out of this game.

Bubble Bobble - Besides cute dinos, you get to see a slice of watermelon sticking its tongue out at you.  Bet you don't see that everyday, even if you work in produce.

Bubble Bobble 2 - Another saccharin cover of everyone's favorite friendly dinosaurs (apologies to you Barney fans but these guys are cooler).

Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout - See the whole Looney Tune gang on the cover!  

Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle - Most of the gang returns for another box appearance.  Take this to a Six Flags park to get signed.

Bump n Jump - While I am partial to the old Intellivision box art, I still like this one. 

Burgertime - One of my favorite arcade games and this one shows all the mayhem of the game.  Gotta love a game where eggs are the enemies.

Cabal - The cover is OK but the part I really like is the Cabal logo.  The flying skull looks really cool and would make a great tattoo. 

Caesar's Palace - Nothing like losing all your money to a pretty face.  Sigh.

California Games - Never understood why they only showed the legs of these people.  Maybe you only have to pay a model half as much if you only show the bottom half.  Who knows.

Caltron - Six games on one cart!  This is a super rare box!  If you own one, pat yourself on the back.

Captain America and the Avengers - Cool game and a cool box.  About my only complaint is there is no female Avengers in this group.  Isn't there a law somewhere that you have to have one female member?  I think it was called the Sue Richards Rule or something.

Captain Comic - I like the box as it is full of action.  Now the ugly powder blue cart is another story.

Captain Planet - Talk about dredging up the past, here is one of those forgettable heroes from the past.

Captain Skyhawk - We have the battle of the century.  The air force versus the giant head.  What do you mean they aren't fighting a giant head?  That stinks.

Casino Kid - Maybe it is me, but the words Casino and Kid are a recipe for trouble.  Guess this kid has a fake ID.

Casino Kid 2 - False advertising!  Unless that woman is pregnant, there is no kid in that picture.  But I guess Casino Kid sounds better than Casino Man.

Castle of Deceit - This looks like the cover of a Black Sabbath album.

Castle of Dragon - I have seen posters for high school plays that features better artwork.  I also doubt many knights ran around in bright yellow armor.

Castlelian - I don't know why, but I really like the yellow border on the box.  Matches the eyeball creatures.

Castlequest - One of the nicest Nintendo boxes I have seen.  Very cool!

Castlevania - A classic game and a classic box.

Castlevania II - That is one big whip!  You could do some serious damage with that bad boy.

Castlevania III - Look, you could have won a trip to Dracula's hometown!  Sounds like a setup to me.  Beware!

Caveman Games - A cute box with some cavemen on it.  But what were you expecting?  Roman gladiators?

Challenge of the Dragon (Color Dreams) - This is the better of the two boxes.  Not great but better than the Sachen box.

Challenge of the Dragon (Sachen) - This is one ugly box.  No other way of putting it.

Championship Bowling - It is bowling, how exciting did you think the box would be?

Championship Pool - What is it about pool based games having very nice boxes?  If only the graphics in the game looked this nice.

Championship Rally - Not a bad box with some cool looking cars.

Cheetahman 2 - Nothing special about the box, but since it is a very rare and unreleased game, I thought some people may not have a chance to see it.

Chessmaster - He's old.  He's wise and he is going to kick your butt in chess.  Oooohh, I'm scared!

Chiller - Undead coming out of the grave to get you, what more could you want?  

Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers - Very colorful box (but what else were you expecting from a Disney product?) and pretty nice to boot.  

Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 - Another nice box with the rescue rangers. 

Chubby Cherub - A slightly blurry box.  For those who do not know what a cherub is, think Cupid.

Circus Caper - Hurry Tim, Save Judy!  That is what the box says.

City Connection - The car looks like a Yugo.  Still a cool cover, even if you are driving a Yugo.

Clash at Demonhead - A guy, a girl and a bunch of bloodthirsty alien monsters.  The makings of a good old fashioned romance.  Not!

Classic Concentration - It is Concentration, not exactly something you can make an exciting box about.

Cliffhanger - They made a video game based on this movie and passed on his movie about arm wrestling.  What were they thinking?

Clu Clu Land - One of the original NES boxes so you know it is pretty dull.

Cobra Command - Really nice box with a helicopter and a tank.  Like the camouflage design on the borders.

Cobra Triangle - Cool looking sea monster.  Wonder if he appears in the game?

Code Name Viper - What is it with tough guys with silver hair?  I used to think that Cable of the X-Men had a monopoly on it but I soon found out that it was a trend.  Maybe I need to dye my hair. 

Color A Dinosaur - A rare game.  The box scan is not the best but it is just a dinosaur and cute one so you are not missing anything.

Commando - The classic arcade game became a classic on the NES.  I still like Frontline better.

Conan - There he stands in all his glory!  Also, this box proves how utterly stupid Conan is.  He is standing in the middle of a lightning storm with his steel sword and shield held high.  

Conflict - There's a big tank headed towards you, whatcha gonna do?  Run!!!!

Contra - One of the most loved NES games.  It is hard but that is what hardcore gamers crave.

Contra Force - The sequel to Contra.  Never played it to tell you if it is any good.

Cool World - I actually liked this movie.  There weren't many of us that did.

Corvette - An import game, with an American car?  What was the American version, Ferrari?

Cowboy Kid - What is it about games called Kid but not having any kid on the box?  Neither of the men on this box are kids. 

Crackout - A weird box with flying lips.

Crash n the Boys Street Challenge - I cannot look at this cover and not think of the lame group Kriss Kross.

Crazy Climber - Not the best scan but a very hard game to find.  And it was only released in Japan.  My all-time favorite arcade game.

Crystalis - Give a 80's hair metal band member a sword and send him out and you have Crystalis.  All he needs is some glam clothes and a few groupies and he would be complete.

Crystal Mines - It looks like the Thing from the Fantastic Four underwater.  Another strange box from Color Dreams.

Cyberball - Remember this game with robots playing football?  I really liked the game at the arcade.  Exploding footballs are cool (but dangerous).

Cybernoid - Avoid the Cybernoid!  Oh wait, wrong noid.  This is actually some popular arcade game that I never heard of.

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