(currently there are 41 different boxes)


1942 - A wonderful box that is very sharp!

1943 - Much like 1942, a great scene of the plane and ship!

3-D Worldrunner - Remember this game?  It was the one that came packed with cheap 3-D glasses.  The 3-D was pretty weak but back then we were easily impressed.

720 - Looks like a byproduct of the Magical Mystery Tour.  Very psychedelic!

8 Eyes - Classic picture of hero with sword. 

Action 52 - Want to get 52 games on one cart and it is not a bootleg?  Then get an Action 52 cart.  But be warned, you are not getting 52 good games, just 52 games.

Action in New York - Never heard of the game before seeing this box and I must say that I do not feel like I missed much. 

Adventures of Dino Riki - Oooga Booga, caveman game good.

Adventure Island - I liked this box.  Like the other boxes, it is odd but in a good way.

Adventure Island 2 - That is some odd artwork, like something abstract.

Adventure Island 3 - That is the freakiest looking dinosaur I have ever seen.  It has eyes like Mothra.

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom - It's Disney, what were you expecting?  Walt's frozen corpse?

Adventure of Lolo - Wonder what happened to the cute little critter?  Why did he not make it to newer systems?  The rumor is that Kirby had him bumped off to try and dominate the cute mascot market.

Adventure of Lolo 2 - Look at Lolo leap to the rescue!  Go Lolo Go!

Adventure of Lolo 3 - Lolo has a girlfriend, Lolo has a girlfriend.

Adventures of Rad Gravity - Gotta like any game that features a green space pig.  Positively epic.

Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends - I am a big fan of Moose and Squirrel.  You should be too.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer - I like how they put Becky up front as gator bait!  Such romantics!

Afterburner - Gotta love those Tengen boxes, stuck out and demanded attention!

Airfortress - Ship-like cities in the sky, cool scene. 

Airwolf - Remember the TV show?  Me neither.

Akira - Based on the famous Japanese animation, this box is essentially the same as the movie poster.  Never played the game, but it is pretty interesting to see a game based on it. 

Aladdin - Yes, it is the Disney movie made into a game.  The movie is quite nice and the game was not too bad.  Not as good as the Super NES version, but still not bad.

Alfred Chicken - This is one of those games that is mentioned when the worst games of all-time are mentioned.  And you thought the name was the only bad part. 

Alien 3 - In space, no one can hear you play video games.  Wait, that is not right.  Anyway, here the box for the game based on possibly the lamest Alien movie of the series.

Alien Syndrome - Another classic Tengen box.  Almost looks like the movie, Aliens (the best in the series in my opinion). 

All-Pro Basketball - A generic box but you gotta like two things.  First is the obvious Kareem clone and second is the team called the New York Slicks.  Can you imagine the fun you can have with that name.

Alpha Mission - That is one big ugly ship you have to fight.  It is enough to make you want to turn around and go home.

Amagon - Maybe it is me but kids should not wield guns, let alone automatic ones.  But I guess when dinosaurs, smiling crabs and dragonflies attack, you need to get serious.  Just what is that skull looking at?

American Gladiators - I must confess.  I used to watch this show when it was on.  There just was something enjoyable about watching ordinary people get the stuffing knocked out of them by these oversized gladiators.  It was more enjoyable than all these lame reality shows that are on now.

Archon - Cool box, cool game!  Nuff said!

Archrivals - The exaggerated cartoon characters is quite effective in getting the point of the game across.

Arkanoid - This was a huge box as it came with a special paddle as well as the cart and manual.

Arkista's Ring - It is your typical female elf warrior with green hair.  So 1980's.

Artic Adventure - This is one of my favorite games that was only released overseas.  Originally came out for the MSX and Colecovision.  The box is pretty nice too (if you look around this site enough you will see that I have a soft spot for games with penguins in it).

Asterix - A very nice scan of a classic character.  While not known in the USA, he is world famous.

Astyanax - If you read the name backwards, it still makes absolutely no sense.  A decent box.

Athena - A greek mythology inspired game that looks better than the game.  The game is allright but they never live up to the box cover.

Athletic World - Another of the games for the Power Pad, you know the device that made you get off your lazy butt and actually move (besides going to the fridge for another can of pop).

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes - Take a bad movie and make a bad game about it.  This is actually the second killer tomato video game.  There was one called "Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes" for the Atari 2600. 

Aussie Rules Footy - Footy as in Football, not the game you play with your girlfriend. 

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