Back issues

Issue One - The first issue of the Newsletter featured the first classic ad, this one dealing with a company that sold you a square inch of land in Florida.  Whoopee!  We also had the Superman/Flash race.

Issue Two - This issue featured the first of my "Bargain Bin Bonanza" where I would spotlight a good comic that could be found in the bargain bins.  Also, we looked at why loincloths never became a fashion statement.

Issue Three - With the popularity of hero vs hero battles, we looked at the top ten battles of comic history (at least in my opinions).

Issue Four - With the popularity of the top ten lists (it finally garnered me to emails), I did another.  This time, I looked at the top ten coolest gear for superheroes.  Also, I did an article on the Duck books (Donald, Uncle Scrooge, etc...) and how good they were.  It resulted in a thank you email from Don Rosa.  I still have the email.

Issue Five - I finally answered one of the most asked questions of this website, how do I sell comics for so cheap?  Also, I talk about reality in comics and a few examples where it would ruin the comic.

Issue Six - The advent of pictures into the newsletter came.  There were a scant few before this issue, but the pictures started becoming more a part of the newsletter.  This was mainly due to my buying a scanner.

Issue Seven - A look at the many different Tarzans in comics and a look at one of my all-time favorite comic companies, First Comics was the features in this issue.

Issue Eight - This issue featured an in-depth look at the Omega Men, a series that I always thought was overlooked.  Also, I looked at some overlooked mini series.

Issue Nine - Robots were the theme of the issue.  I looked at their part in comics as well as a top ten list of the best robots in comic history (again my opinion, this whole newsletter is my opinions).

Issue Ten - A quite enjoyable article about comics and video games was featured in this issue.  Also, we had a contributor!  It was a very rare time when someone helped out, but Andrea Wilson did this issue.

Issue Eleven - The second part of the comics and video games article was featured.  Also, I talked about what I call the "Writer's Age of Comics" that period in the 1980's, before Todd McFarlane got big, when writers ruled comics.  It was a short period in comics, but I still consider it the best era of comic storytelling, ever.

Issue Twelve - The Comics and Video Games article came to a conclusion.  Also, I did an article about collecting super hero groups on a budget.  

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