Odyssey II Game Reviews

Please bear with me as I redo this section.  I originally had a bunch of reviews, but in the site remodeling, it was lost.  So I must go and redo them all over again.

Baseball (Grade C)-While it plays decently, it looks butt ugly.  There are no baselines, nothing.  Just a few bases and a few guys out there.  If you can ignore the very basic look, then it is a decent game.  It plays like baseball, just most sandlots are better looking than this.  Heck, a ball field we made in the vacant lot next to Taco Bell was better looking than this.  Come to think of it, it was more fun there too.

Cosmic Conflict (Grade B)-A neat little space game that really shines from the little messages that scroll along.  They alert you of thing that are happening and really add to the game.  The game itself is somewhat like a Star Raiders, which isn't a bad thing.  Think of it as a good game with a neat gimmick and that is pretty much Cosmic Conflict!

Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt (Grade A)-Still one of my favorite games and one that I spent alot of time with as a youth.  The thought of buying and selling stocks and amassing a fortune, captured my fancy.  The only game of its kind in the classic era and still better than many of the Wall Street simulators of today.

KC's Krazy Chase (Grade B)-KC returns in another great game!  This time there are enough changes to keep it from being a clone and ensuing another lawsuit.  There is a caterpillar going through the maze and you can eat the caterpillar, so long as you eat him from behind.  If the head touches you, say goodbye.  There are also mushrooms you can eat.  The best part of the game is the voice.  It really adds alot to the game!

KC Munchkin (Grade B)-Sure it was just a clone of Pacman, but what a great clone!  KC had character and that is hard to pull off when you are doing a clone.  Not only was it eons better than the Atari Pacman (like that is any challenge), but you could design your own mazes!  Great to make a killer maze and watch your friends struggle with it.  The only bad point was you couldn't save your mazes, so when the power is shut down, there goes all your work.   Bummer.

Killer Bees (Grade B+)-One of the better games for the system and a darn good shooter in the Phoenix, Galaxian mode.  While the graphics are not the greatest (but you are used to that with the Odyssey 2), the gameplay is top notch!  A good shooter that will keep you coming back again and again!

PT Barnum (Grade C+)-Think of Circus Atari and you have an idea of the game.  A fun game for awhile, but you soon tire of it.  One neat feature that this game has over Circus Atari is the voice!  You can hear the guy scream as he falls, pretty cool!  Still just the same game of bouncing the guys up and down on the moving teeter totter.  

Quest For the Rings (Grade A)-If you have an Odyssey II, you must own this game!  It is one of the best games for a system in desperate need of more games.  The first game that let you choose your character from different characters and allowed two players at once!  Head through the caverns, lava pits and more as you battle spiders, wraiths and dragons (even if they look more like T-Rexs) to recover the rings.  A great game that is still a blast! 

Showdown in 2100 AD (Grade C+)-In the grand tradition of Odyssey 2 games, this one is alot like the Atari game, Outlaw.  You are a cowboy and you have a shootout with another cowboy.  There are obstacles in the way like cactuses, that you can shoot.  Of course, you have a limited number of bullets, so you better not waste them.  Good two player game, average one player game.  

Speedway/Spinout/Crypto-Logic (Grade C)-Before the Colecovision with the Donkey Kong pack-in game, you got stuff like this with a new system.  Not a bad collection of games, but none are that outstanding.  Spinout is a fun little racing game and will keep you busy for awhile.  Speedway is allright, but didn't do much for me.  Crypto-Logic is a decent two player game with you putting in a word and your friend trying to guess it.  Of course, you can do that on a piece of paper, but this is more environmentally friendly.  Whatever.



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