Two demonically challenging games filled with diabolical wall-to-wall action!


Always be sure that the power to your Odyssey2 console is turned off before
inserting a game cartridge. This protects the electronic components and
extends the life of the unit.

[Illustration shows ON/OFF button in the OFF (up) and ON (down) positions]


1 Insert the cartridge into the slot of the Odyssey2 console with the label
side of the cartridge facing the alpha-numeric keyboard.

2 Turn on the power by pressing the power button of the console. SELECT GAME
will appear on your TV screen. If it does not, press the RESET key on the
alpha-numeric keyboard.

On-screen colors may vary according to individual TV's color adjustments.

(C) 1980 Magnavox Consumer Electronics Company
Odyssey is a Trademark of The Magnavox Company

(One or two players)

1 Press 0(zero) on the alpha-numeric keyboard.

2 BLOCKOUT and BREAKDOWN will be alternately displayed on your TV screen.

3 Press 1 to play BLOCKOUT. The object of the game is to blast through the
blocks in the barricade in the shortest amount of time.

4 The scoreboard at the top of the screen signals the function of the two hand
controls. One hand control will activate the Power Bar. The other hand
control will activate the demons. The roles of the hand controls will
automatically reverse after each game.

5 You can play against another player or against the computer. Signal the
computer you are in the game by moving the joystick of your hand control. If
the computer does not receive a signal from one of the hand controls, it will
take over its function and play against you. If the computer does not receive
a signal from either hand control, it will play itself.

[Screen shot]

6 The Power Bar is moved left and right by pushing the joystick in the desired
direction. The longer the bar is moved in one direction, the faster it will
travel until it achieves maximum speed.

7 The player controlling the Power Bar press the action button to bring a
Blockbuster into play. The Blockbuster will always come in from a random
direction. When the Blockbuster hits the Power Bar, it will rebound into the
fourth dimensional barricade. Each time the Blockbuster hits the barricade, a
block in the barricade will disintegrate.

[Illustration shows a hand controller, with labels on the Action Button and
Joy Stick]

[Screen shot shows BLOCKOUT game in action. Labeled are: Player Controlling
Power Bar, Score, Timer, Score, Player Controlling Demons, Barricades, Demon,
Blockbuster, Power Bar]

8 The best breakthrough time for each player will be indicated on the
scoreboard at the top of the screen. A digital timer is between the players'
score indicators. Each player has 90 seconds to try and break through.

9 If the Blockbuster hits the left side of the Power Bar, it will rebound to
the left side of the screen. If it hits the right side, it will rebound to the
right. The rebound angle will be twice as steep from the center half of the
Power Bar than from a hit on the outer edges. The Blockbuster's speed and
trajectory will increase as it cuts through each successive wall of the

10 If you miss hitting the Blockbuster with the Power Bar, press the action
button on the hand control to bring a new Blockbuster to the screen. You have
an unlimited number of Blockbusters available during the 90 second duration of
the game - but you cannot have more than one Blockbuster on the scren at a
time. Each Blockbuster will come on-screen from a random direction.

[Screen shot shows game in action.]

11 The electronic demons are moved left or right by moving the joystick of the
hand control in the desired direction. Only one demon may be moved at a time.
The particular demon in motion is determined by the vertical position of the
joystick and the action button. To move the demon in the lowest row, pull the
joystick towards you. Leave the joystick in the middle (neutral) position to
move the demon in the second row. Push the joystick away from you to move the
demon in the third row from the bottom. Push the action button to move the
demon in the top row.

12 The demons have the power to replace disintegrated blocks and rebuild the
barricades. They have two power sources - one on each side of the scren.
When a demon touches one of its power sources, it will start flashing and will
replace a block when it is moved to the missing block's position. The demon
will then stop flashing and must be recharged at a power source. An uncharged
demon will fall off-screen if he tries to cross a gap in the wall or has a
block disintegrated from under him. He will reappear automatically after a
penalty delay.

13 The winner is the player who breaks through the barricade in the shortest
tim over a pre-determined number of games.

14 The games will reset automatically after each 90 second period.

(One or two players)

1 Press RESET on the alpha-numeric keyboard. Press 0(zero) - then press 2.

2 The object of the game is to destroy as many of the blocks on the screen as
you can within 60 seconds.

3 The control of the Power Bar is the same as in BLOCKOUT but the speed of the
Blockbuster and its trajectory are not affected by the blocks in the

4 The control of the demons is the same as in BLOCKOUT - but they will move
twice as fast (which is something to watch) as in BLOCKOUT.

5 You can play against another player or the computer by signaling the
computer with the hand controls as in BLOCKOUT.

6 The digital scoreboard contains the timer, the number of blocks left on the
screen and the lowest scores in the game series for each of the players.

7 The game will reset automatically after each sixty second period.

8 The winner is the player who leaves the fewest number of blocks on the
screen after a predetermined series of games.

[Screen shot shows game in action. Labeled are Time, Existing Blocks,
Computer Controlled]


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