The ancient city of Atlantis, a city beneath the sea, a civilization
greater than the world has ever seen...

One day a low drone is heard throughout the ocean metropolis.
The stars go out. Gorgon vessels fill the sky, pounding the city
mercilessly. A cry reaches every citizen -
"Defend Atlantis - before it becomes a watery grave!"

Game Objective

Defend Atlantis! Blast Gorgon vessels before they come close
enough to demolish Atlantis with the death ray. Score big and
you can rebuild a portion of the city the Gorgons have demolished.

Game ends when all six sections of Atlantis have been leveled.

Atlantis is a 1-player Game
* Insert cartridge, with label facing the keyboard, into the slot on the
computer console. Turn power on.
* Use the left joystick controller
* Position controller so that the red firing button rests in the upper
left corner

Pick Your Game

* When the Imagic logo and Atlantis game screen appear,
select one of four skill levels with the left joystick controller.
* The more advanced the skill level, the faster the Gorgon ships fly.
* Easy: lean joystick right, or simply press red firing button.
* Medium: Push joystick away from you.
* Hard: lean joystick left.
* Expert: pull joystick toward you.
* Skill level appears in place of the Imagic logo.

* To begin action, press red firing button.

* To play at the same skill level again after a game ends,
press the red button on the left controller.
* To select, a new game, press RESET and pick the desired skill level.

Game Play

You command the two Atlantean sentry posts with your left joystick controller.
* A sentry post guards either side of the city. They cannot be destroyed.
* To fire from left or right sentry posts, lean joystick left or right.
* Press red firing button.
* Once a sentry post has been selected for fire, it remains
selected after the joystick is released.
* To fire from selected sentry post: press red button.
* To select other sentry post: press joystick in that direction.
* The Domed Palace projects a powerful force field that protects the other
four Atlantean installations. As a result, the Gorgon death ray must
demolish the dome and then the Palace before the rest of Atlantis becomes
vulnerable to attack.

Secret Weapon
When things look desperately bad for the Atlantean defenders,
a secret weapon can help even the odds! Destroy a sky full of
Gorgon ships by unleashing the Blitz Bomb!
* To fire Blitz Bomb : push joystick forward.
* Gorgon vessels will instantly disintegrate!

Don't be impulsive! You receive only one Blitz Bomb per wave.
Listen for the 8 beeps that tell you when a wave ends.


You score each time you vaporize a Gorgon vessel. You must
hit the ship directly to score.

Destroy a Gorgon ship: 250 points
* At the end of a wave, you receive 1000 points for each part
of Atlantis that survives the Gorgon assault.

* If the Gorgon death ray damages or destroys the Domed
Palace, a new one can replace it at the end of the current
wave. You earn a bonus Domed Palace:

At every 10,000 point mark you reach up to 100,000
At every 100,000 point mark up to 1,000,000

A damaged or destroyed Domed Palace is only replaced at the
end of a wave. Should the entire city be leveled before the end of
the wave, no new Domed Palace appears. The game ends.

* You earn no points for Gorgon ships destroyed with the Blitz Bomb.

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