An authentic computerized simulation of three different world class
championship events.


Always be sure that the power to your Odyssey2 console is turned off before
inserting a game cartridge. This protects the electronic components and
extends the life of the unit.

[Illustration shows ON/OFF button in the OFF (up) and ON (down) positions]


1 Insert the cartridge into the slot of the Odyssey2 console with the label
side of the cartridge facing the alpha-numeric keyboard.

2 Turn on the power by pressing the power button of the console. SELECT GAME
will appear on your TV screen. If it does not, press the RESET key on the
alpha-numeric keyboard.

[Screen shot shows SELECT GAME screen]

On-screen colors may vary according to individual TV's color adjustments.

(C) 1979 Magnavox Consumer Electronics Company
Odyssey is a Trademark of The Magnavox Company

(1 or more players)

1 Dress warm.

2 Press 1 on the alpha-numeric keyboard.

3 Three different skiing competitions will be displayed alternately at the
bottom of the screen.

[Screen shot shows competition selection screen]

4 To select an event, pull the joy stick of either hand control towards you
when the name of the event is on the screen.

5 A computerized official will signal the start.

6 Pull the joy stick toward you to head straight down the slopes. When you've
had some practice, press the action button to get 30% greater downhill speed.

7 Push the joy stick left to traverse left. Push the joy stick right to
traverse right. Your traversing speed is one-half of your normal downhill

8 Push the joy stick away from you to come to a swirling stop.

[Illustration shows a hand controller with the Joy Stick labeled]

[Screen shot shows game in action, with Winning time labeled]

9 There are 55 gates in each event - the minimum allowed in the Olympic Slalom
and Giant Slalom competitions. The computer can generate more than 65,000
different courses for each of the three events. You can ski over 195,000
different runs!

10 Both players will ski matching courses for each event - even if one player
should get a late start.

11 If a skier hits a gate, time is lost getting back off the snow.

12 If a skier goes off-course in any event, timing will be stopped and a count
will be kept of the number of violations.

13 The Downhill The winner is the skier making the run over the marked course
in the shortest amount of time. If both skiers go off-course, the winner is
the skier with the fewest violations.

[Screen shot shows game in progress, with Time and Violations labeled]

14 The Slalom You follow a twisting course defined by pairs of gates. A
skier must go between every pair of gates of the same color bug may do so from
either side. (The colored gates will show up in different shades of gray on
black and white TV.) The winner is the skier achieving the fastest aggregate
time over two runs down different courses. The courses will change
automatically after each run.

15 The Giant Slalom This event is longer than the Slalom and the gates are
farther apart. Follow the Slalom rules for Giant Slalom competition.

16 Combined Competitions A combined competition represents the final result
of several events. They can be similar. (Two Downhills - two Slaloms - etc.)
They can be different. (A Downhill and a Slalom, etc.) A Combined
Competition can also be any three races in any sequence.

The "Triple Combined" is the result of a Downhill, a Slalom and a Giant Slalom
in any sequence.

The "Alpine Combined" is the result of one Downhill and one Slalom. The
Downhill is run before the Slalom.

17 Timekeeping The computer will clock each skier's time within 1/10th of a
second. To hold your score on the screen when you cross the finish line,
push the joy stick forward to stop you skier before the word "FINISH" travels
to the top of the screen. If both hand controls are in use, the winning time
will be displayed at the center of the bottom of the screen in the winning
skier's colors. This is the time to beat. It will remain there until it is
replaced with a better time for the same event. If a skier goes off-course or
misses a gate, the skier's current running time will be replaced by a count of
the number of course violations.

18 To ski the same event again, pull the joy stick toward you after both
skiers cross the finish line.

19 To change to a different event, press RESET AND THEN press 1.


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