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Intellivision Overlays
Letters H-Q
(18 different overlays)

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happy3.JPG (5136 bytes)
Happy Trails  
hockey3.JPG (4617 bytes)
horse3.JPG (5213 bytes)
Horse Racing

Hover Force
ice3.JPG (4357 bytes)
Ice Trek
kool aid3.JPG (5684 bytes)
  Kool Aid Man
lv black3.JPG (4484 bytes)
Las Vegas Poker
lv roulette3.JPG (4676 bytes)
 Las Vegas Roulette
lock3.JPG (5507 bytes)
Lock n Chase
loco3.JPG (4965 bytes)
math3.JPG (4732 bytes)
Math Fun
micro3.JPG (4921 bytes)
mission3.JPG (5820 bytes)
Mission X
motocross3.JPG (5217 bytes)
mouse3.JPG (5395 bytes)
 Mouse Trap
night3.JPG (4159 bytes)
 Night Stalker
nova3.JPG (4115 bytes)
 Nova Blast
pitfall3.JPG (4005 bytes)


All overlays are copyrighted and the property of their rightful owners.   These overlays are displayed here solely for the enjoyment and enhancement of classic game players and should not be viewed as an infringement of copyright.

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