Here you will find information about my favorite classic system!  This is the system that made a major impact!  First system with a popular game as a pack-in and brought many obscure games home.  Games like Looping, Venture, Ladybug and Subroc may not have been available outside the arcade if Coleco didn't make versions of them.   Plus, it had the most exciting attachments including the controversial Atari Adapter, Steering Wheel, Trackball and the Super Action Controllers! 

Coleco FAQ-Everything you want to know about the system that made waves! 
Coleco Rarity-How rare is Q*Bert's Qubes?   Click here to find out!
Coleco Reviews-Is Frogger II worth the money?   How good was Space Fury?  Click here to see what I think!
Coleco Cart Scans-Here you can see over 40 cart scans of your favorite Coleco games.  As I get more in stock, I will do some more scans!  
Coleco Stock-Want to see what a Coleco Stock Certificate looked like?  Well, here is a scan of an actual one that I own!
Coleco Overlays-Ever found a Baseball or Football cart and didn't know which buttons did what?  Well, you are in luck as I scanned the overlays for you!  
Coleco Manuals-Don't know how to play 2010?  Is Fortune Builder giving you headaches?  Then check out all the online manuals here for your convenience.  Now you only have your sad skills to blame for being bad at a game.
Coleco Box Scans - See what the actual boxes looked like.  The Coleco is one of the hardest systems to find the boxes for.

coleco system.JPG (17689 bytes)

Your vision is our vision, Colecovision!

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