James Bond, 007


1. Place the cartridge firmly into the cartridge slot.
2. Turn the ON/OFF switch to ON.
3. With controller #1, select a game play level according to the screen choices.
The game will begin.

To the tune of the James Bond theme, you'll see the title of the adventure as well as "GOOD LUCK, MR. BOND." (In the two-player game, "Agent 1 or 2" refers to the first or second player.) The number of available vehicles appears to the right. As Mr. Bond steps into the vehicle, he gives a brief demonstration of its capabilities, then speeds off to face the first adventure.

At any time during the game, you may press RESET to begin again.


Plug the joystick controllers firmly into the jacks at the top of the unit. For a one-player game, use controller #1 The joystick controls Bond's specially designed multi-purpose craft. The craft moves forward with a right motion and slightly back with a left motion. An up or down motion causes the
craft to jump or dive. In either case, gravity or buoyancy returns the craft to a water or land surface line.

A press of the right FIRE button lobs a flare bomb to the bottom of the screen. A press of the left FIRE button fires a fixed angle shot to the top of the screen. Pressing both buttons at the same time can release both types of ammunition.


In this game, you are Bond. James Bond, 007, the world's most famous secret agent. Renowned for your cool and confidence (not to mention your biting wit), you've been selected by the British Secret Service for four clandestine, utterly critical, and nearly impossible missions.

These will be accomplished at the controls of a specially designed multi-purpose craft that boasts extraordinary capabilities. It has the properties of a car, a plane, and a submarine. And it's equipped with the latest weaponry. We think you'll find it more than adequate.

In brief, Mr. Bond, this is what lies ahead. First stop, Las Vegas in Diamonds Are Forever. No casinos, here. Rather, you've got to cross the desert in the dead of night. A very romantic place, indeed, when you're not being shot at.

We know you like a change of scenery, Bond, so the next stop is Sardinia in The Spy Who Loved Me. Stromberg's underwater laboratory is your destination in this one. We're confident you ' 11 know just what to do when you reach it.

In Moonraker, you'll recognize your old nemesis Hugo Drax and his poison satellites. From your position on the lake, you must stop the satellites from ever reaching Earth.

We thought we'd top off the assignment with For Your Eyes Only. This one will take you below sea level to a sunken World War 11 fishing trawler. Could be the most hazardous mission of all. We're only thinking of you Bond. We know your fondness for the Greek islands.

Oh, about the details, read on. We want you to be prepared for the assault... frogmen, missiles, mines and the like. Not to worry. Good luck, Bond. And Bon Voyage!


Mission: Land on Seraffino's Oil Rig and Rescue Tiffany Case.

There's lots of glitter in this adventure. But all that glitters is not gold... it's diamonds and Seraffino's got them! Black market jewelry scheme, you're thinking? Wrong. When attached to a communications satellite, the stolen rocks can harness solar energy, create a laser blast, and destroy targets on the Earth's surface.

Therefore, Bond, you must get Seraffino. You'll find him on an oil rig off the Pacific coast. There, he controls the diamond satellites' guidance system. 

By the way, Bond, Seraffino's holding your... uh... assistant, Tiffany Case. We believe she's desperately in need of rescue.

The Desert

First, you must travel rugged desert terrain in the dead of night. The desert is filled with treacherous craters that you must jump over--or else crash!

As satellites pass overhead, they'll drop lasers. Lasers can destroy you on impact as well as create craters in your path. Your driving skills will be of the utmost importance in surviving lasers since it's impossible to destroy the satellites.

The Diamonds

Giant diamonds hang in the night sky. Hit one with your fixed angle shot to light your way (and score points). And remember that only by the light of a diamond will you be able to see Seraffino's oil rig once you reach the ocean.

The Ocean

When you reach the ocean, continue to light the sky by hitting diamonds. Remember, you're looking for the oil rig. Also, by dropping flare bombs to the ocean's surface, you'll be able to see your underwater enemies. Seraffino has sent armed frogmen after you as well as mine-releasing mini-subs. These deadly mines float to the surface threatening anything that crosses their path. When these hazards appear, dodge them or destroy them-before they destroy you!

The Oil Rig

Seraffino's oil rig will be silhouetted against the sky when you hit a diamond. When it appears, move your craft just to the left of the rig, straight up over the top of the derrick, then down to land on the helipad. When this happens, you've gotten Seraffino and saved Tiffany Case! (If you touch any other part of the rig, say goodbye to that craft.)


If you're unable to hit a diamond after you've already sighted the oil rig--or if you notice that your shot disappears right after firing--you may be about to hit the oil rig in the dark. Dive under it quickly and try again to accomplish the mission on the next oil rig.

Completion of this mission brings you the next with your remaining crafts.


Mission: Destroy Stromberg's Undersea Laboratory

Shipping magnate Karl Stromberg uses huge oil tankers to swallow nuclear submarines right out of the water. It just so happens he's captured a British sub, not to mention Anya Amasova, your fellow agent. Stromberg must be stopped for good. You'll find him in his undersea laboratory off the coast of Sardinia.


Stromberg has rigged the ocean floor with deadly missiles that rise into the air, turn into fireball mines, and fall back down again. Avoid them, shoot them down, or bomb them out at the base.

Oil Tankers

When you see one of Stromberg's oil tankers, dive under it. From the tanker, Stromberg has sent trigger-happy chopper pilots on a bombing mission... and you're the target. By the way, Bond, the helicopter is indestructible.

The Undersea Laboratory

When you see Stromberg's laboratory at the bottom of the screen, lob a flare bomb onto it. The explosion will release a capsule that carries Anya Amasova. Swoop down and touch the capsule and your mission is accomplished. Stromberg is stopped and Anya is saved. (If you miss the lab completely, try again with the next one.) Completion of this mission brings you the next with your
remaining crafts.


Mission: Destroy Three Spinning Satellites

Billionaire industrialist Hugo Drax has concocted the ultimate scheme in international espionage: the depopulation of the Earth in order to recolonize it with his super-race. The destruction will occur from Drax's poison satellite discs that rotate through space. As they spin through the night, you must attack them from your craft's position on, above, or beneath the lake's surface. A deceptively difficult task.

Space shuttles

Another of Drax's brilliant but dastardly inventions is the Moonraker fleet of space shuttles. Launched from the ocean floor, they will destroy you on impact And remember this: when a space shuttle rises into orbit at the top of the screen, it explodes. If you're above water when it does, you'll explode, too How to handle a space shuttle? Blow it out at the launch pad, dodge it and submerge before it explodes or shoot it down.


Like Seraffino, Drax has sent frogmen after you. They're pretty good marksmen even by your standards, Bond.


Drax just loves submarines and he has sent a fleet of them to patrol the depths. These, too, release mines to the surface. Avoid them or destroy them. And stop those bothersome subs if you can, too.

Completion of this mission brings you the next with your remaining crafts.


Mission: Retrieve Radio Equipment from a Sunken Fishing Trawler

A British surveillance ship has been sunk off the Greek mainland by a WWII mine. Somewhere amid the wreckage lies a top secret ultralow frequency transmitter that launches ballistic missiles on command You must find it before it falls into the hands of enemy agent Gonzalez.

Underwater Enemies

Only by the light of flare bombs can you see the enemies that lurk in the darkened waters. These include armed frogmen and the same mine-releasing mini-subs that Drax and Seraffino employ. You've escaped them before, you can do it again!


Be prepared. The shoreline requires expert piloting to avert the mountain peaks that rise dangerously from the ocean floor.


Occasionally, a helicopter comes onto the scene Sorry, old boy, it's not one of ours. The chopper's tracking system makes it a deadeye shot. And the radius around the gunfire explosion is a killer. Consider yourself warned.

Killer Jellyfish

Gonzalez has planted a most frightening-looking weapon--a giant jellyfish that swallows small crafts upon impact. Things could be worse. It could be armed! Simply jump over it when you see it.

The Sunken Fishing Trawler

When you see the sunken trawler, maneuver your craft onto the radio antenna bar to the right of the deck. Do so, and you've retrieved the radio equipment. But if you hit any other part of the trawler, you're sunk!

Completion of this mission ends the game.


The game ends when you complete the last mission or when you lose the last craft. In either case, you'll see the final screen that shows your final score in the lower left corner. The 3-digit number in the center of the screen is your AGENT RATING.

To play again at the same level, press *. To change the level, press #.


The British Secret Service rates each of its agents on his or her performance at the end of each game. Our rating method is computer-analyzed and highly confidential. (Enemy agents must never learn our training secrets.) The highest rating in BEGINNER is 005. The highest rating in ADVANCED is 007, of course!


In a two-player game, players alternate as Bond. The LEFT player goes first. A player's score is displayed throughout the turn at the lower left of the screen. When one player loses all his or her crafts, he or she is out of the game. The opponent may continue to play with his or her remaining crafts.


Your score is displayed throughout your turn at the lower left of the screen. Your final score appears at the end of the game.

Targets Points
Diamond ..........................................50
Frogman's bullet ................................100
Ocean floor missile .............................100
Fireball mine ...................................100
Space shuttle in launch hatch ...................200
Space shuttle in flight .........................100
Satellite disc...................................500
Mini-sub mine ...................................100
Mission accomplished ..........................5,000
Each remaining craft at the end of the game ...3,000

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