What an induction! You no sooner join the intergalactic Warrior Fleet than the explosion hits. Suddenly the planet is under attack. Without prior training, you have to complete your first mission - defending the planet. On-the-job combat is the only way to learn, so you have to go out there and do your duty. Shaking in your boots, you accept the assignment and board your intergalactic command ship. You soon find out that this invasion has something to do with a centuries-old interstellar war. As a result of this war, the Galaxian government lost many planets. Now they are fighting to reclaim their lost territories. Knowing they have no right to your planet,
you're ready to put your life on the line and fight to the bitter end.

NOTE: Always turn the console POWER switch OFF before inserting or removing
the cartridge. If the title screen doesn't appear when the console is first turned on, press either the * button or the RESET button on the console.

The Galaxian Invasion Continued

The Galaxian invasion start off with a bang. Instantly, an entire fleet of invaders descends toward the planet. The command ship suddenly becomes the target of a missile ambush. The Galaxian fleet is fast and strong. They attack in waves, approaching faster and faster with each wave. They swoop downward, firing laser cannons. The majority of them charge in single file; other blitz in groups.

Flagships never fly alone, for they are always flanks by protective escorts.

Their colorful uniforms make their ranking order easy to identify. Drones, the lowest rank, wear blue; Emissaries wear purple; Hornets are outfitted in red; and Flagship Commanders, the highest rank of all, wear yellow.

The Galaxian fleet is smart and experienced in battle. They have special radar that enables them to dodge inter-galactic missiles. Their warfare includes tricks to divert attention. The Galaxian ability to pull off the unexpected forces you to use foresight and caution plus cunning and skill.

The initial attack is thwarted, but the battle isn't over. They'll be back, stronger than ever. Next time, you'll be manning the command ship, again waiting courageously to defend the planet and defeat the Galaxian fleet. Use your accurate aim and quick reflexes, as well as strategy and forethought. A foolish move could cost you the battle and the planet.

Game Objective

Your game objective is to destroy the Galaxian fleet before it destroys you. In doing so, you score points - the player with the most points wins. Galaxian battle strategy is to attack in a succession of accelerating waves; each wave fiercer than the last. Waves are depicted with flags at the lower, right corner of the screen. One flag appears during the first wave, two flags during the second wave, and so on.

You start the game with three intergalactic command ships - one at the line of battle and two reserves at the lower left corner of the screen. Slide your command ship right and left to dodge Galaxian fire. At the same time, fire intergalactic missiles to protect your command ship. You lose a command ship each time it is hit by either a Galaxian missile or a collision with a Galaxian. When all three command ships have been destroyed, the game is over.

The Galaxian fleet lines up in ranking order before individually plunging down, bombarding your ship, and then flying back to the lineup. That is, if you don't shoot them first! These creatures are cagey; they'll tease you, diving down, firing, and then dodging you intergalactic fire. The excitement builds as the battle get tougher. This game requires some quick evasive action and lots of planned strategy. The longer you survive, the more surprises you're in for. You never know what the Galaxian fleet has up their sleeves. Be on the lookout for just about anything.

Using the Hand Controllers

Use your hand controller with this game cartridge.

Player/Game Selection

For one-player games, plug the controller into jack 1 on your console. For two-player games, plug a second controller into jack 2. Press the number on
your controller that corresponds with the game you want to play.


The game starts automatically after you make a game selection.

Controller Action

Use the controller to guide the command ship right and left across the screen. Push the control stick right to move right; push it left to move left. Press the right or left fire button to shoot intergalactic missiles.


To stop the action, press the # button. To restart the game, press the # button again.


To return to the game select screen, press either the * button or the RESET button on your console. You can then restart the game, or select a new one.


Point scoring depends upon the military rank of each Galaxian you destroy. You start the game with three command ships. A bonus command ship is earned after the first 10,000 points you score.

In the one-player games your score is displayed at the top, left of the screen. The highest score is displayed at the top center of the screen.

Game Variations

GALAXIAN includes 6 game variations:
1 One-player Novice
2 One-player Intermediate
3 One-player Advanced
4 Two-player Novice
5 Two-player Intermediate
6 Two-player Advanced

Game Strategy

When a Flagship is destroyed in flight in waves 1 through 14 the rest of the fleet stops firing for a few seconds of mourning. This is your big chance to get the escorts and any other warriors that you can. This may be the only time that they aren't firing at you.

Always have a strategical escape planned to avoid patterns of missile attacks. Think fast and scan the screen for methods of outsmarting the Galaxian fleet.

Some members of the Galaxian fleet are incredibly difficult to destroy, but with practice you'll outsmart them!

Point Values Table
Information Attacking
Drones 30 points 60 points
Emissaries 40 points 80 points
Hornets 50 points 100 points
Flagships 80 points

Destroying a Flagship in flight earns you bonus points as follows:

Flagship with no escorts 150 points
Flagship with one escort 200 points
Flagship with two escorts 300 points
Destroy both escorts then the flagship 800 points


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