Anyone three years old and older will enjoy this program.

FACEMAKER is the perfect educational game for young computer users. Because
FACEMAKER is a fun way to learn how to use the computer.

Children can build a variety of faces and then animate them. Eyes can be made
to wink, ears wiggle and faces smile in any order the child likes. When children 
are pressing the keys to animate the face, they are giving instructions to the
computer using a very simple form of programming.

FACEMAKER will even play a memory game with children. The computer will animate the face with a particular sequence of winks, ear wiggles, and frowns; and
the child has to press the appropriate keyboard keys to repeat the exact same sequence. This game helps improve a child s memory and concentration.

Whether a child is building a funny face, animating the face, or playing the memory game, FACEMAKER helps a child become familiar with computer fundamentals 
such as: menus, cursors, the return key, the space bar, simple programs, and 

FACEMAKER will provide children with hours of fun as they make friends with the 


1. Place the plastic overlay card into the controllers keypad slot.
2. Turn off the Coleco Vision unit.
3. Put the cartridge in the cartridge slot.
4. Turn OFF/ON switch to ON.

Note: Always make sure the Coleco Vision unit is off before removing the cartridge.


Refer to the screen for specific Coleco Vision instructions.

NOTE: In most cases,
When booklet refers to space bar. use control stick.
When booklet refers to RETURN key, use * keypad button.

Coleco Vision players have the added feature of choosing colors from the menu
of face parts. Press the # keypad button to make a choice.


Each time you play FACEMAKER you have the following program options:
Press 1 to build a face.
Press 2 to animate a face.
Press 3 to play the memory game.


Press 1 to build a face.

On the screen. you will see a list of your choices (computer people call this a 
menu), which includes a nose, mouth, eyes, ears and hair. Press the space bar to select a feature and then press the return key. * If you selected the mouth you will see a menu of mouths appear on the screen. Press the space bar to move the arrow to the type of mouth you want to put on the face; and then press the return key. Watch the mouth appear on the face!

Continue selecting features until you have completed your face. To change a face, simply select a new feature and it will replace the old one on your face.


Press 2 to animate the face you made.

Once you have built a face, you can make it wink, smile, cry, stick out its 
tongue or wiggle its ears. Press one of the following letters and you can see the face respond immediately.

W = wink
F = frown
S = smile
C = cry
T = stick out its tongue
E = ear wiggle
- = delay

You can also write a simple program (a set of instructions for the computer to perform) and watch the computer make faces at you. Press the space bar and a program box or program line will appear on the screen.

Type letters from the list above in the order you want to see the expressions. 
Then press the return key and watch your face make faces. For example, type
FTF-S (frown, stick out tongue, frown, delay, smile) and these letters (or commands 
to the computer) will appear in the program area. Press return and watch the 

When the program area clears, you can write a new program.


Press 3 to play the memory game.

With your completed face, you also can play a memory game. The computer animates your face and you have to remember exactly what the face did and type in the letters that match what you saw.

You will use the same keys as you used to animate the face:

W = wink
F = frown
S = smile
C = cry
T = stick out tongue
E = ear wiggle
- = delay

Press return to start the game.

Watch the face closely. It will do something like wiggle its ears and smile. When it stops. type in exactly what you saw. For example, you would type in ES for ear wiggle and smile. If your answer is correct. you will receive a reward and the letters will clear.

Each time you have correctly repeated what the face did. your score will increase by one.

Then the computer will add one more expression to the series of expressions. Keep typing in the letters for what the face does to get a high score. 

You can see your best score at the top of the screen.

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