* Insert cartridge into ColecoVision system.
* Turn on switch.
* Controller symbol appears: Select number of players: Press 1 or 2.
* Castle symbol appears: Select skill level: Press key 0 (easiest) through 9 (hardest).
* After selecting level, game begins.
* When your seven lives are gone, game is over. Push reset button to begin again.

NOTE: If using joystick in one-player game, connect controller to port 2 for making selections. In two-player game, replace controller with joystick during starting
player's first turn.

Located at the top of the screen. From left to right it indicates:
Bridge Screen: Level-Lives-Player-Score.
Treasure Room Screen: Level-Score-Lives.


* Guide the prince across from left to right by leaning controller or joystick in direction you want him to run.
* Duck under high fireballs by pulling controller knob or joystick down.
* Jump over low fireballs by pressing button on controller or red button on joystick.
* Jump from a crouching position by simultaneously pulling down on the controller knob or joystick and pressing button.
* The prince is safe from fireballs in doorway at the right of bridge.

LEVELS 3-5: Red section of bridge opens and closes. Prince must leap gap.
LEVELS 6-8: Price must dodge the archer's arrows.
LEVEL 9: Beware arrows and the open bridge.

* In the storeroom, the price is safe inside doorway at right side. When certain of his course, he must collect every treasure, dodging the Dragon's fireballs.
* When all treasures are collected, escape through door at far left corner. After escaping, the prince reappears at the bridge ready for another raid.
* If two are playing, a turn ends when the price escapes.
* At level 3-5, a magic troll appears. Beware him! He is the lizards' servant. If he touches the prince with his sword, he loses a life. But if the price touches him, the troll is vanquished.
* At level 6 and above, when the price snatches a treasurean arrow is fired at him. Beware these archers! They too are the lizards' servants.

Recover a treasure 100, 200, or 300
Vanquish a Troll 1000


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