Donkey Kong Junior

* One or two players
* Select from four skill levels


Mario has locked up Papa Donkey Kong, and Junior must hurry through a treacherous jungle to free him. Racing against time, Junior climbs and swings across vines and avoids dangerous creatures, all to reach a flashing key to
release his Papa. If Junior succeeds at this mission, the scene changes. Junior must push keys to the top of long chains, once again avoiding clever opponents. If he completes this test, he must climb the vines again, this time it's tougher! Then he arrives at the high-flying jump board mission. Can you help Junior save his father?


* Make sure the COLECOVISION console is connected to TV and power supply is plugged into the console. Then plug the power supply into a 110/120 volt AC outlet.

* TV should be on and tuned to the same channel as the Channel Select Switch on the console.

* To play one-player DONKEY KONG, JR., use the controller in Port 1 (the rear jack). To play two-player DONKEY KONG, JR., use both controllers.



NOTE: For a one-player game, use the controller plugged into Port 1. For a two-player game, Player 1 uses the controller plugged into Port 1; Player 2 uses the controller plugged into Port 2.

Using Buttons and Control Stick for DONKEY KONG, JR.

1. Keypad: Keypad Buttons 1-8 allow you to select the Game Option you want to play. Pressing * after a game allows you to replay the same Game Option; pressing # after a game allows you to return to the Game Option screen.

2. Control Stick: The Control Stick controls most of Junior's movement on the screen.

If Junior is on a vine or chain, pushing the Control Stick up causes Junior to climb up. Pushing the Control Stick down causes Junior to climb or slide down a vine or chain. If Junior is on a vine or chain, pushing the Control Stick left or right makes Junior swing from vine to vine or chain to chain.

If Junior is standing, pushing the Control Stick left or right causes him to run left or right.

3. Side Buttons: Pushing either Side Button causes Junior to jump. If Junior is standing still when a Side Button is pressed, he makes a standing jump. If Junior is running when a Side Button is pressed, he makes a running jump. In the Jump Board screen, Junior can make a running jump to the Jump Board. If you press a Side Button just as Junior touches the board, he can make a super jump.


NOTE: If you are playing a two-player game, players take turns. Player 1 begins, and each turn lasts until the player's Junior is eliminated.

STEP 1: Choose your challenge.

Press the Reset Button. The Title screen appears on your TV Wait for the Game Option screen to appear It contains a list of game options, numbered 1-8. Select one by pressing the corresponding number button on either controller keypad.

STEP 2: Start climbing.

Junior starts in the lower left corner of the jungle. Make him jump to one of the vines above him. Junior climbs two vines faster than he climbs one. But he can't climb through a platform. Keep Junior to the left of the first platforms, then help him run on! Watch out for the Red and Blue Snapjaws pacing the vines and platforms as they search for Junior Touch a fruit directly above them to knock them out of play.

STEP 3: Capture the key.

Junior must capture the flashing key in the upper center of the screen, but Mario sends Snapjaw after Snapjaw to try to stop him. Make Junior run, jump and climb to the highest platform. Leap over the Snapjaws for points. If you miss the key and fall onto Mario, your Junior is eliminated, and a new Junior must start all over again.

STEP 4: Bonus!

While you're climbing, the Bonus Timer is counting. When you reach the flashing key, the number appearing in the Bonus Timer is added to your score. But time can work against you. If Junior fails to capture the key by the time the bonus runs out, he is eliminated. A warning buzzer sounds when time gets short.

STEP 5: Chain champ.

Now that you've captured the key, go on to the next mission. Junior must push keys up long chains into locks to free his Papa. The Snapjaws still chase Junior But Mario has a new trick, too: sending Nitpicker birds after Junior! These swoop
down from Mario's platform to catch Junior on the chains. Don t let the Nitpickers get Junior. And remember the biting Snapjaws.

STEP 6: Second time around.

So you think you're pretty clever? Surprise! It's time to climb the vines again--with more opponents to chase Junior.

STEP 7: Bounce right, bounce high!

Finally, after your success on the second vine mission, it's time for the incredible jump board challenge!

Again Junior starts in the lower left corner But this time he must jump onto a jump board to begin his mission. Press the jump button when Junior touches the board. If Junior bounces just right, he performs a super jump! Try to land on a moving platform, then jump to a moving chain. Don't slam Junior's head on a platform; that will hurt him!

STEP 8: Birds and eggs.

Beware of the Stookybirds as you climb around the chain conveyer. In Skill Levels 2-4, Stookybirds drop eggs to eliminate your struggling Junior Climb above the birds and eliminate them with fruit. Swing to the far right to reach the highest
platform. Then try for the key. If Junior falls, he can grab a vine or bounce off the jump board. Then try, try again!

STEP 9: One more time!

The jungle action gets wilder and wilder. The missions repeat but each time, they're harder! How good are you?

STEP 10: Starting over.

Press * to replay the DONKEY KONG, JR. Game Option that you have been playing. Or press # to go back to the Game Option screen.

NOTE: The Reset Button on the console "clears" the computer. It can be used to start a new game at any time, and can also be used in the event of game malfunction.


Action Points
Jumping over an opponent ......100
Jumping over two or more
opponents in a single jump. ...300
Placing a key in a lock
(Chain Mission) ...............200
Picking a fruit ...............400
Falling fruit eliminates
Same falling fruit eliminates
second opponent ..............1200
Same falling fruit eliminates
third or fourth opponent......1600

Bonus Points

When you complete a mission, the Bonus Timer stops. The time remaining is added to your score.

Bonus Juniors

You earn a bonus Junior when your score reaches 10,000 points.


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