Donkey Kong

* One or two players
* Select from four skill levels

Plays, sounds and scores like the Donkey Kong arcade game!


Based on the sensational Nintendo arcade game, COLECOVISION DONKEY KONG features an action-packed rescue adventure of man against ape! Donkey Kong has stolen Mario's girlfriend and taken her to the top of a steel structure. You move Mario over girders and up ladders, leap over tumbling barrels, dodge lethal fireballs and jump onto fast-moving elevators, trying to rescue Mario's girlfriend from Donkey Kong

DONKEY KONG features three incredible adventures: ramps, rivets and elevators. Your skill and speed determine your point total. How high can you score trying to rescue Mario's girlfriend?


* Make sure the COLECOVISION console is connected to TV. Make sure power supply is plugged into console. Then plug power supply into a 110/120 volt wall outlet.
* TV should be on and tuned to same channel as the Channel Select switch on the console.
* To play one-player DONKEY KONG, use the controller in Port 1 (rear jack). To play two-player DONKEY KONG, use both controllers.


NOTE: For a one-player game, use the controller in Port 1. For a two-player game, Player 1 uses the controller in Port 1; 
Player 2 uses the controller in Port 2.

Using the Buttons and Control Stick for DONKEY KONG

1. Keypad: Keypad Buttons 1-8 allow you to select a Game Option before beginning a game. Pressing * after a game allows you to replay your Game Option; pressing # after a game allows you to return to the Game Option screen.

2. Control Stick: Pushing the Control Stick left or right causes Mario to run. Pushing it up or down while Mario is under or over a ladder causes him to climb.

3. Left Side Button: Pressing the left Side Button makes Mario jump.



NOTE: If you are playing a two-player game, players take turns. Player 1 goes first, and each turn lasts until the player's Mario is eliminated.

STEP 1: The choice is yours.

Press the Reset Button and the title screen for DONKEY KONG will appear on your TV. Wait for the Game Option screen to appear. It contains a list of game play options. Select one by pressing the corresponding number button on either controller keypad.

STEP 2: Start at the bottom.

After you select a Game Option, the first of your Marios appears at the bottom left corner of the ramps. To rescue Mario's girlfriend, move him up to the ramp where she is held captive

STEP 3: Mario to the rescue!

To reach his girlfriend, Mario must climb up or down unbroken ladders. (Notice that Mario can climb part of the way up a broken ladder.) Jump or avoid the barrels thrown down by Donkey Kong to halt his progress.

STEP 4: Hammer away!

Learn just the right technique to make Mario jump up and grab the hammer With the hammer, Mario can hit barrels for points! Remember,--Mario can't climb ladders or jump while holding the hammer. When the hammer disappears a few seconds later, Mario must avoid the barrels once again!

STEP 5: Time is running out . . .

As you race Mario up the ramps, the bonus keeps getting smaller. When it decreases to 1000 points, a warning sound begins. If the bonus reaches zero, Mario is eliminated. If Mario reaches his girlfriend, the remaining bonus is added to your score.

STEP 6: Mario's magic touch.

When you reach the top of the ramps, Donkey Kong takes the girlfriend up to the rivet screen. Mario must remove all the rivets to save her. To remove a rivet, Mario simply runs or jumps over it--and it disappears. But once the rivet is gone, Mario may only JUMP over the gap. Jump over or avoid the dangerous fireballs!

STEP 7: Chivalry is not dead.

If Mario grabs his girlfriend's hat, purse, or umbrella, he earns extra points.

STEP 8: Donkey Kong does it again!

When Mario removes the last rivet, Donkey Kong takes the girlfriend to a still higher section, so that you can try your skill on the elevators.

STEP 9: Success is a few jumps away.

When Mario makes it to the elevators, he has to jump to and from moving elevators to reach his girlfriend. When jumping on and off elevators, make sure your timing is right. If Mario jumps too soon or too late--poor Mario!

STEP 10: The fun never ends . . .

When you reach the top of the elevator screen, the game continues to cycle through the screens--but the action gets harder as you go! Keep playing until you run out of Marios.


To continue playing the same Game Option as you have been playing, press *. Or press # to select a new Game Option by going back to the Game Option screen.

NOTE: The Reset Button on the console "clears" the computer. It may be used to start a new game at any time, and can also be used in the event of game malfunction.


Starting Bonus Values

Level 1: 4000 points
Level 2: 5000 points
Level 3: 6000 points
Level 4: 7000 points
Level 5: 8000 points

Jumping a barrel or fireball 100 points
Eliminating a rivet 100 points
Smashing a barrel or fireball 300 points
Grabbing an accessory 300 points
(hat, purse or umbrella)

In games played at Skill 1 (Game Options 1 and 5), each player gets five Marios. At all other skill levels, each player gets three Marios. In all games, a player receives a bonus Mario at 10,000 points.


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