Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show


Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show is an electronic paint set, flannel board, puppet theatre and movie maker, all rolled into one! Children can paint and place props on blank or predrawn screens. They can also stage plays, create animated cartoons, record them, and play them back!

To make sure your child gets the most out of this program, we suggest that you explore the Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show first. Start by watching the demonstration to get a feel for the activities your child can perform. Then experiment with the functions symbolized on the Keypad Overlay.

When you feel comfortable with the way the program works, sit down with your child and go through the Program Guide together. This Guide contains drawings of some of the props, scenes, and characters found in the Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show, and will provide a good introduction to the program. Encourage
your child to color in each picture, then try to reproduce it on the computer screen. Then have him or her experiment with the program to create original scenes, plays, and animation sequences.



Control Stick: Use the Control Stick to move characters up. down, left, right, or diagonally to select props and colors, and to paint.

Side Buttons: Press the Left Side Button to make your character jump. Press the Right Side Button to make your character fall.

Keypad Buttons: Each Keypad Button has a specific function. These functions are symbolized on the Keypad Overlay provided. Be sure to insert the overlay into the controller.

It's Your Choice!

Press the Reset Button. The Title Screen for Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show appears on your screen. After a few moments, the Option Screen replaces the
Title Screen. It contains a list of choices:


Use the Control Stick to move the indicator character beside the option you want and press DO (Keypad Button 2). If you do not select an option after a few
seconds, the demonstration program begins automatically. To cancel the demonstration, press OPTION (Keypad Button 8). This returns the program
to the Option Screen.

NOTE: When you start to play, the DEMONSTRATE option disappears.


Press one of these Keypad Buttons to change the background screen.

Choose your Character
Your characters first appear in silhouette in the blue border area (offstage). Use the Control Stick to move the character onto the stage. You can choose from
three more characters, including a 'Koosas pet, by pressing CHARACTER (Keypad Button # ).

Changing Costumes
Press OPTION to return to the Option Screen, then select DRESS A KID. A new screen appears with a choice of faces on the top row, and clothing on the
second. Your 'Kid stands at the bottom of the screen.

Move the indicator character to the face you want and press DO. The face appears on your 'Kid. Move the indicator character to the clothing you want and press DO. The clothing appears on your 'Kid, and the indicator character appears at the color palette. The clothing you selected appears in the color indicated. Move the indicator character to the color you want and press DO to make it permanent. Press CHARACTER to start playing again, now with the 'Kid whose face and clothes you just chose.

Remember: You can't select this screen when your character is a 'Koosas pet!

Get your props!
Press PROPS (Keypad Button 3) to see the three Prop Screens. Each press of PROPS takes you to the next Prop Screen. Use the Control Stick to move the
indicator character until the white "X" above its paintbrush touches the prop you want. Press DO to bring that prop to the last scene you were in. Place your props.

Use the Control Stick to move the indicator character with the prop. Notice that the prop disappears as you move it and reappears when you stop. Press DO again to place the prop permanently on the screen. Make copies of the prop by moving the indicator character and pressing DO each time you want to place the
prop. If you don't like the way one looks in the scene, press UNDO (Keypad Button 5) and presto! It's gone.  To get more props, press Keypad Button 3 again.
When you're finished placing props, press CHARACTER. If the indicator character was holding an unplaced prop, it disappears.

Put on the paint!
Press COLOR (Keypad Button 6) to select a color for painting. A color palette appears at the top of your screen. Use the Control Stick to move the X on the
indicator character's paintbrush to the color you want. Then press DO. The indicator character appears in your scene with its brush up. ready to paint.

Use the Control Stick to move it where you want to start painting. Then press DO to put its brush on the screen.

Now use the Control Stick to direct your painting. To move without painting, press DO again. The brush returns to the "up" position. Now use the Control Stick to move the brush anywhere you want.

Drawing a Blank

Each time you press BLANK (Keypad Button O) a new blank screen appears. There are four in all. The white boxes in the lower left corner of the screen indicate
which of the four blanks is showing. You can use these four blank scenes to create a simple animation sequence like the one shown in the demonstration

Canceling Commands
Press UNDO (Keypad Button 5) to make props or paint disappear! Continually pressing UNDO erases props from the scene, one by one. As a rule, the last
prop or block of paint placed is the first erased.

NOTE: The larger the prop, the fewer can be erased.


Recording Sessions
Press OPTION to return to the Option Screen, then select RECORD. The scene you were using before pressing OPTION appears. A red bar now appears at
the top of the screen. You can move your Cabbage Patch Kids characters anywhere in the scene. You can also change scenes and characters. But you
cannot paint or place props. To pause during the recording, press PAUSE (Keypad Button 9). The action immediately stops. To continue recording,
press PAUSE again. The machine records until you press OPTION or until the time runs out (approximately 5 minutes).

At the end of your show, the Option Screen appears with the PLAYBACK choice. Select it, and a green bar appears at the top of your screen. The machine
plays back the scenes you've just recorded. Use the PAUSE key just as you did in the recording. Remember: Each time you press RECORD, the machine erases any material you recorded previously. Also, when you shut off or reset the machine, all
recorded material is erased.

Two-Player Picture Shows

Both players can:
Select from the Option Screen
Select their own characters and move them
Select colors and paint

One player can:
Paint or play while the other places props, except
when a Props Screen is in use

But, two players cannot:
Place props at the same time
Dress their actors at the same time

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