Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventure in the Park

Take a stroll through the park with one of the Cabbage Patch Kids! Can you
help them get back to the BabyLand Park entrance?


It's exercise time! Anna Lee, one of the Cabbage Patch Kids, is warming up
for a day of athletic adventures in the park--and she's taking you along! So
stretch your muscles and get ready for a workout. This adventure is no picnic!

As you stroll through the park, you'll encounter obstacles they never told you 
about in the Cabbage Patch. You'll leap onto floating lily pads, jump over cabbages and bouncing balls, and hop over puddles so deep they could float a 
ship. And that's the easy part! By the time you get back to the Park entrance, 
you'll know just what kind of physical shape you're really in. Are you ready
for the workout?



One-Player Game
Use the controller from Port 1.

Two-Player Game
Player 1 uses the controller from Port 1. Player 2 uses the controller from
Port 2. Player 1 goes first. Each turn lasts until Anna Lee falls down.

Choosing up

Press the Reset Button. The Title Screen will appear on your TV. Wait for the
Game Option Screen to appear. Press Keypad Button 1 to play the game by 
yourself. Press Keypad Button 5 to play the game with a friend.

For one or two players

More than fifty screens


1. Control Stick: Push the Control Stick left to make Anna Lee move left.
Push it right to make Anna Lee move right.

2. Keypad: Press Keypad Button 1 to play the game by yourself. Press Keypad 
Button 5 to play with a friend.

3. Side Button (ColecoVision Controller): Press either Play/Action Button to 
make Anna Lee jump or drop off a vine. Press the button while moving the
Stick left or right to make Anna Lee perform a running jump in the selected 

4. Action Button (Super Action Controller): Press the Yellow or Orange Action 
Button to make your Anna Lee jump or drop off a vine. Press the button while 
moving the Control Stick left or right to make Anna Lee perform a running
jump in the selected direction.

Note: On the Super Action Controller, the Speed Roller and Purple and Blue 
Action Buttons are not used.


Strolling through the park

Ah, sunshine! Fresh air! Enjoy it now because once you get into the park, you'll 
be too busy to notice. Move the Control Stick left or right to make Anna Lee walk away from the entrance and into the park.

Time is not on your side.

Cabbage Patch Kids' have to be back at the entrance to BabyLand Park before 
dark. When that blue bar at the top of the scene turns completely orange, you'll have to leave the park--so don't dawdle!

Big girls don't cry...

...but Cabbage Patch Kids' do! When Anna Lee falls down she'll cry for a few 
seconds before getting back to the action. Can't really blame her, can you?

Leapin' lily pads!

That lily pad floating on the pond is your ticket to the other side. Wait until 
it floats close to shore, then press the Side Button or Action Button while 
moving the Control Stick toward it to jump right on. If that's too tough, press 
the button to grab a swinging vine. When the lily pad floats under you, press
the button again to land on it.

Take a swing!

You can ride that lily pad clear across the pond and jump off when you get to
the other side, or grab the next vine and jump off when you swing over solid 
ground. If you jump too soon, you'll be sorry--and all wet!

Ahead, a cabbage

This park sure has some pretty scenery, doesn't it? Don't get too absorbed in
it, though, or you might trip over one of those cabbages. When you spot one
in your path, press the button to hop over it.


Are those trampolines up ahead? It sure looks that way! Take a running jump
to land on the first one, then press the button while moving the Control Stick 
toward the next trampoline to jump onto it.

The big apple

You can jump all you want before hopping onto the next trampoline. And if you
happen to notice an apple in one of the trees overhead, press the button again 
(but don't move the Control Stick) and go for it! If Anna Lee grabs the apple, you earn extra points.

Hop, skip and jump

This one will really bowl you over! Press the button to jump over the rolling
ball or you'll find yourself lying flat on your back. Getting tired yet?

Puddle muddle

Now we'll find out how good a jumper you really are! This part of the park is
filled with Puddles--and they're very deep. Press the button while moving the
Control Stick toward the next puddle to jump from one dry spot to another.

Jump and jump again.

You're in double trouble now! There's another cabbage in your path and those 
bouncing balls are heading straight for you. This is a job for high jumpers.
Are you up to it?

Best kid on the block

This looks like fun! Press the button to jump onto the first block. Then press 
the button while moving the Control stick toward the next block to jump

Time out

If you make it over the blocks, you're practically home free. When you get back 
to BabyLand Park entrance, give your weary muscles a rest. Your next stroll 
through the park won't be any easier! Don't rest too long, though. The timer
is still ticking!


Well, this is just dandy! To add to your troubles, the sky is raining dandelion 
puffs! Better keep your head up and watch out. This situation is nothing to 
sneeze at!

Fountains for youth

Kids from the Cabbage Patch can't resist playing in fountains! Press the button 
to leap onto the first one, then press it again while moving the Control Stick 
left or right to jump onto the next. Be careful, though. If you don't time your jumps just right, you'll end up doing the backstroke!

All fired up

How nice! Someone left a campfire burning for you. Unfortunately, the only way 
past is over it. Take a running leap and hope for the best. And don't pay any
mind to that bee buzzing overhead. It won't sting now, but watch out for it later!

Holy mackerel!

There's something fishy about those puddles. Better look before you leap or
the fish will catch you!

Up in a puff

It's back to the trampolines again. But there's more to it than jumping. This
time, you'll be dodging falling dandelion puffs as you go.

This ride's a lily!

There's another pond ahead--and not a single vine in sight! It won't be easy,
but you'll have to jump right onto that lily pad and ride it clear across.
Good luck!


If you make it back to the park entrance this time, you deserve a pat on the 
back. You're in excellent physical shape! But your workout's not over yet.
Take a few deep breaths and hit the road again. Your stay in the park lasts until 
there are no more Kids left to play with. Let's see how long it takes!

Starting Over

When the game is over, you'll return to the Game Option screen. Are you up to
another workout? If so, you can play the game again! There are more than 50 
screens to cover!


Anna Lee's Action Points
Grabbing vine.............200
Landing on lily pad.......200
Jumping over rock ........100
Jumping on trampoline ....100
Grabbing apple............200
Jumping over ball..........50
Jumping over puddle ......100
Jumping onto block .......100
Jumping into fountain ....200
Jumping over campfire ....100

You start the game with three Cabbage Patch Kids. A round is completed when you return to the BabyLand Park entrance. At the end of each round, you receive a 2000-point Bonus Score. If the blue indicator has not turned completely
orange by the time you complete a round, you'll earn even more points!

You earn one Bonus Kid when your score reaches 10,000 points, and another
Bonus Kid for every 20,000 points thereafter.

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