Boulder Dash

Function Keys

Start: Press "#" and the First Star logo will be replaced with the menu, which
allows you to select various options

Joystick: You will start at CAVE 1 - Difficulty level 1 if you just press the player number without making a selection

When Rockford is destroyed, press "*" to continue.

Pause: When you wish to pause gameplay just press '0'. At the bottom of the 
screen will appear prompts to remind you that the game has been paused. Press
'8' to continue.

Escape: In order to leave a CAVE and return to the menu press `#'.

Caves and Levels:

There are 16 CAVES, each compromised of several scrolling screens, numbered 1 
through 16. Each CAVE has 5 Difficulty levels. To select a different CAVE, move the joystick arm left or right when you are in the menu screen. To select a different difficulty level, go to the menu screen and move the joystick up or down. The greater the difficulty level, the less time and the more jewels you have to collect. You may choose CAVE 1,6,11, or 16 on difficulty levels 1-3. On difficulty levels 4 and 5, you must start with cave 1.

After making selection, press '1' or '2' to start the game.


1. Intro. Pickup jewels and exit before time is done
2. Rooms. Pick up jewels, but you must move boulders to get jewels.
3. Maze. Pickup jewels. Get every one to exit.
4. Butterflies. Drop boulders on butterflies to create jewels.
5. Guards. Jewels are guarded by butterflies.
6. Firefly dens. Fireflies are guarding the jewels.
7. Amoeba. Surround the amoeba with boulders, so it can't grow anymore.
Pickup jewels created when it suffocates.
8. Enchanted Wall. Activate the Enchanted wall and create as many jewels
as you can.
9. Greed. You have to get a lot of jewels here, lucky there are so many.
10. Tracks. Get the jewels, avoid the fireflies.
11. Crowd. you must move a lot of boulders around in some tight places.
12. Walls. You must blast through walls to get at some of the Jewels. Drop a boulder on a firefly at the right time and place to do this.
13. Apocalypse. Bring the butterflies and the amoeba together and watch the
jewels fly.
14. Zigzag. Magically transform the Butterflies into jewels, but don't waste any boulders and watch out for fireflies.
15. Funnel. There is an enchanted Wall at the bottom of the rock funnel.
16. Enchanted Boxes. The top of each square room is an enchanted wall, but
you'll have to blast your way inside.


Rockford. Rockford can affect an object that is next to him without moving
into it. Keep the joystick button depressed and move the joystick in the direction of the object you wish to affect. 

Boulders. You will often find yourself digging or moving downwards only to find that a boulder has toppled and is about to hit you. the only way out is to get out of the way. Rockford runs as fast as a boulder falls, so you have time.

Exit. When Rockford has collected the required amount of Jewels for the CAVE
he is in, the exit is revealed. At this time you should decide whether to go for bonus jewels or to exit. make sure you know the location of the escape door and you can get to it before time runs out. 

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