Aquattack is the Euram code name for a mission to destroy the Axtoatle Combine. It is a perilous expedition because the Axtoatles defend their territory fiercely. Superior skill and finesse are required to successfully complete the mission.

Your job is to guide the Euram agent Captain Blitztek through enemy territory to prevent the Axtoatles from taking control of world forces. If the defenders inflict more than nine damage points on the Captain, the mission is aborted and the game is over. A game point system has been devised to further measure your skills as a navigator and survivor.

To Set Up

Set up your ColecoVision or Adam and game controller #1(#2 for Adam) as instructed in your owner's manual. Be sure to switch the power OFF before inserting or removing game cartridges. Press the * key to start the game. The # key will stop the action at any time. To resume play, press any key from 1 to 9.

Phase I and II

Blitztek's hydroship has penetrated the Axtoatle Canal and must defend against
enemy fire from Death 'Copters and tanks while dodging sand-bars and depth charges. Although the tanks can be destroyed, the Death 'Copters are beyond the ship's firing range. Fuel is limited, but whenever the audio alert is sounded, Euram refueling craft appear overhead with hydrocarbon gas packets.  The joystick controls the speed and direction of the hydroship. The keypad controls the direction of shots from the ship, and the side-buttons fire to the top or bottom of the screen.

The second stage of Mission Aquattack is similar to Phase I; only, now Captain
Blitztek has entered a tunnel and his enemies are more difficult to detect.

Phase III

The hydroship is abandoned for a hang-glider. Assault Stations fire clouds of
white methane gas and high-velocity missiles at the Captain. Meanwhile, hover-
craft launch heat-sensing rockets from the periphery. The hovercraft are well
protected by silicon shields, but the Assault Stations can be destroyed either
by flying through them or by firing at them. Since Blitztek has only four shots
initially he must contact the randomly dispersed black Ammo Depots along the 
route to ensure that he is always well armed. The joystick is modified to provide realistic glider control (see illustration). You will no longer require the keypad, but the right side-button controls glider speed, and the left side button fires forward.

Phase IV

The final step of the mission is to transport four hydrogen bombs, one by one
from the bottom of the Axtoatle energy field to the top. When this is accomplished, the fleet of nuclear-armed helicraft are destroyed. However, Captain Blitztek has a 99 count time limit, and the field is mined with mobile radioactive solar bars. At higher levels of play, Guard Droids patrol the base.

Game Points

Traversing I unit distance ............................2 points
Destroying enemy tank (Phases I & II) ...............125 points
Flying through an Assault Station (Phase III) ....... 75 points
Shooting an Assault Station ..........................50 points
Lifting or depositing a hydrogen bomb (Phase IV) ....200 points

Bonus points are awarded for collecting ammunition from Ammo Depots (Phase
III) and for quickly completing the final screen (Phase IV).

Levels of Play

Each time the Axtoatle Combine is destroyed, the mission begins again at an advanced level. The action is faster, the enemy's aim is more accurate, and the Assault Stations are more sophisticated .

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