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Here is a collection of some of the more interesting Atari carts.  I will try to put a nice selection of them up here.  You will not see all of them as many are quite dull.  But some have some cool pictures on them and I will showcase them here!

Adventure - The granddaddy of all role playing games.  I always loved this label, even if it is quite simple.

Alien - Who would have thought that a game based on the famous movie would end up being another maze game?

Asterix - The famous comic book character comes to the Atari.  Very nice label.  But where is Obelix?

Asteroids - The second big hit on the Atari.  This is the later label as I want to showcase the artwork and this one has nice artwork.

Backgammon - Simple design for a simple game.

Bank Heist - Is that Clyde of Bonny & Clyde fame on the cover?  Who knows who that dashing bankrobber is.

Barnstorming - Another good label from Activision.  They excelled here.

Battlezone - A nice label and a very good Atari game.  Even with MAME, I still find myself playing this one.

Beamrider - A great game and a very cool cover.  One of my favorite Activision labels (and games for that matter).

Beany Bopper - Crazy game with a crazy cart.

Congo Bongo - Better label than game. 

Cosmic Commuter - The blue and white design is actually sorta eyecatching.  The simplistic approach.

Cosmic Corridor - A Zimag game.   The label is pretty cool with the evil space aliens.  They look like they escaped from a Galaxian game.

Cosmic Creeps - A good label for the Telesys game.

Crazy Climber - My favorite arcade game was also a good Atari 2600 game.  Too bad they made it so limited.

Cruise Missile - There is something I like about the clean and uncluttered look of the Froggo labels.  Cannot say the same for the gameplay.

Crypts of Chaos - Journey through a dark corridor.  I wish the gameplay was as cool as the cart art suggested.

Deathtrap - A very rare cart and a very dark one.  So I made a white background, so you could actually see it.

Defender - One of the classic games with a classic label.  Now go save some humanoids.

Demolition Herby - Gotta love the look on that guy's face.  The scary part is I have seen that look on psychos on the highway.  

Donkey Kong - I like this Atari released version much better than the dull text only version that Coleco released.

Double Dragon - A very colorful label with some toughs who never heard of shirts.

Dragster - Like all Activision labels, this is a good one.  And it is one of the first games released from Activision too.

Espial - I always loved Tigervision's labels and this one does not disappoint.

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial - What Atari collection would be complete without this game? 

Fantastic Voyage - 20th Fox always did cool cart designs and this one fits the role.

Fast Food - The game where purple pickles are deadly.  Really.  Maybe it is just me but I wouldn't eat a purple pickle anyway.

Final Approach - Nervous air traffic controllers, must have been drawn during the Reagan era, right before he fired them all.

Frankenstein's Monster - Look at Frankie grabbing at you.  Duck!  Duck!

Freeway (Zellers) - Another of the Zeller's clones.  Ugly but in a unique way.  Sorta like a painting you would find at a starving artist sale.

Frontline (Zellers) - A really cool looking picture.  Not what you would expect from a game called Frontline but at least it is good looking.

Gremlins - A nice label of the game based on the movie.  For a movie game on the Atari, it is a decent game.

Halloween - One of two games from Wizard Video Games.  Both are valuable collectible and both were mediocre at best games.  The other one is Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Hangman - Why would you buy a game you can easily do on paper?  I guess if you are an only child and live away from civilization, then maybe.  But everyone else, what is your excuse?

Haunted House - I always liked this game.  Everyone compares it to Adventure, but if you look at it on its own, the game is pretty decent.

H.E.R.O. - Another great game from Activision.  It also has one of the best labels for an Activision game.

Infilitrate - Nothing says secret agent like a tan suit!  I don't remember James Bond wearing one of these.

I Want My Mommy - I actually like this label with the cute little teddy bear.  It is so different from the many space ships and monsters that I like it.

Jawbreaker - If you own this game, consider yourself lucky.  A fun game, a nice label and super rare to boot.

Joust - The classic battle of man and bird.  I am still not sure if putting a man on the back of a flying ostrich was sheer genius or the work of a insane mind?

Jr. Pac-Man - Look at Junior as he rides his tricycle.  How cute.

Jungle Hunt - Since Tarzan was not available due to a lawsuit, they brought out this guy.  Poor guy had a hard act to follow.

Kaboom - Who doesn't love this game?  Oh yeah, anyone who has tried playing it without a paddle controller.  What a difference that makes.

Kangaroo - Mama kangaroo letting the monkey know the consequences of nabbing her baby.  That is one tough mama.

King Kong - If only the game looked or even played half as nice as the cart.  Gotta love the cart color, nothing says big tough ape like powder blue.

Krull - I was not crazy about the Atari version, but I did like the arcade version.  Have not seen the movie in over a decade.  Will have to see if I can get it from the library.

Laser Blast - A typical Activision label.  Not my favorite game from Activision, but still eons better than alot of the stuff coming out.

London Blitz - Back when everyone was getting into making Atari games, board game company Avalon Hill released a few games.  This one is quite good.

Lost Luggage - This is one of the odd little games that I like on the Atari.  And how many games feature underwear?  That is always a plus.

M.A.D. - This game has nothing to do with the magazine or the mothers against drunk drivers.  It has to do with missiles.  If you combined the three, you could have a really interesting video game.

Marauder - One thing I will say about Tigervision is that they had among the nicest labels of any games and this one is no exception.

Mario Bros. - This is the point where Mario dumped Donkey Kong and instead teamed up with his brother Luigi.  It took years for Kong to overcome this.

M*A*S*H - I can hear that song in my head now.  Not a great cover, but a decent one.

Miner 2049er - Awesome cart design, much, much better than the really bland Coleco design.  One of my favorite carts!

Motorodeo - See a monster truck smashing through an Atari label.  I know you always dreamed of seeing that.

No Escape - I am a sucker for Greek Mythology and this game and label has it in spades. 

Off the Wall - A unique label.  Not everyday you see an Asian themed video game from an American company. 

Picnic - Everyone else would have ants invading a picnic.  Not US Games, they have a mosquito eating a hamburger.

Pigs in Space - An Atari cart with Miss Piggy on it, what more could you want?

Pinball (Zellers) - A very strange one.  Zellers may be copies of Atari games, but at least they gave you some very bizarre labels, more than Telegames can boast.

Private Eye - Now private eyes can get away with wearing tan coats. 

Quadrun - One of the Atari Club games and the first Atari game to talk.

Ram It - A very tough cart to find and an interesting label.   Not exactly my first thought for a game called Ram It, but then it wasn't done by Mystique.

Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes - Another great label!   Half tomato and half bull, is that quality or what!  That creature does not show up anywhere in the movies or the game (at least I cannot tell it is), which is too bad as he is one tough looking dude!

Riddle of the Sphinx - Imagic did make some good labels and this one is one of them.  Gotta love the Sphinx (even if every cartoon from that era takes responsibility for the nose job).

Shuttle Orbiter - The other game from Avalon Hill.  A very nice label.

Space Cavern - Cool label of a guy blasting a very, scary space beastie.  I get goose bumps just thinking about it!

Space Master X7 - A really nice label.  Very Star Warish looking.

Space Shuttle - An average label but then the game is pretty average too (not my cup of tea, sorry fans of the game).

Spitfire Attack - Great label that would fit on a game like 1942.  From board game giant, Milton Bradley.

Springer - Look at the cute bunny.  Very expensive cart.

Sprint Master - One of the later released Atari games.  It has the cool red label.

Spy Hunter - A nice pic of the famous Spy Hunter car as well as an agent who looks more like a New Kid on the Block than a secret agent.

Stargate - A nice picture that captures the essence of the game. 

Star Wars The Arcade Game - The best game of the group but it has the most boring label.

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back - The most common of the group and a pretty cool label.

Star Wars Jedi Arena - See Luke in all his glory. 

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle - The longest name for a cart that I can think of. 

Strawberry Shortcake - Look at the cute Strawberry Shortcake and her little kitty cat.  Awww.

Swordquest Waterworld - One of the crown jewels of Atari carts, at least in rarity it is.  I like the label too as it is quite nice.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Pretty much the same label as Halloween.  I would have like to see what kind of label a company like Tigervision would have done with this.

Threshold - Tigervision once again gives a nice label. 

Timewarp - Another Zellers cart.  This one has one really weird looking plane/spaceship.  Good thing these artists didn't work for Lockheed Martin or that company would be bankrupt.

Tooth Protectors - Before anyone tries to email me and make an offer on this cart, know two things.  First off, I do not own it, someone sent me a picture.  Second, I touched up the picture to make it look nicer.  So the real cart was not this nice looking. 

Turmoil - My all-time favorite Atari 2600 game!  The label is nothing special but the game rocks!

Vanguard - A nice Atari label, not great but pretty nice.

Video Cube - I always liked the game and the label.  Don't ask me why, but I do.

Wabbit - From the sound of the name of the name, you would think that Elmer Fudd created this game.

Warlords - A classic Atari game and label.  Another game that needs paddles to be played right.

Xenophobe - The game is not very good but the label is awesome. 




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