Atari 2600 Rarity Guide

This guide is just that, a guide.  While I tried to take already created guides and correct them with what I have viewed as more accurate rarities, I do not guarantee that these rarities are perfect.  They are only assumptions on what data can be found.  There may be hidden stashes of some of these games around the country that are not yet known (probably not of the level of an O'Sheas, but definitely possible.

Cart Name/Company/Rarity/Extra Information (in quotations)
32 in 1 Game Atari ER (Pal only release)
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe Atari U
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe Sears ER
A Game of Concentration Atari R
Action Force Parker Bros R (Pal only release)
Adventure Atari C
Adventure Sears U
Adventures of Tron INTV U (white label)
Adventures of Tron Mattel U
Air Raiders INTV U (white label)
Air Raiders Mattel R
Airlock Data Age U
Air-Sea Battle Atari C
Alien 20th Century Fox R
Alpha Beam with Ernie Atari R (Need Kid's Controller)
Amidar Parker Bros U
Arcade Golf Sears U
Arcade Pinball Sears R
Armor Ambush INTV R $1 (white label)
Armor Ambush Mattel C
Artillery Duel Xonox ER
Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Xonox R (double ender)
Artillery Duel/Ghost Manor Xonox ER (double ender)
Artillery Duel/Spike's Peak Xonox ER (double ender)
Assault Bomb UR
Asterix Atari ER (Pal only)
Asteroids Atari C
Asteroids Sears U
Astroblast Mattel C
Atari Video Cube Atari R (same games as Rubik's Cube)
Atlantis Imagic C
Bachelor Party Mystique ER (adult game)
Bachelor Party/Gigolo Playaround ER (adult double ender cart)
Backgammon Atari U
Backgammon Sears ER
Bank Heist 20th Century Fox R
Barnstorming Activision C
Baseball INTV C (white label)
Baseball Sears C
Basic Math Atari U
Basic Programming Atari R (needs keypad)
Basketball Atari C
Basketball Sears U
Battlezone Atari C
Beamrider Activision R
Beany Bopper 20th Century Fox R
Beat'Em & Eat'Em Mystique ER (adult game)
Beat'Em & Eat'Em/Lady Playaround ER (adult double ender game)
Berenstain Bears Coleco UR
Bermuda Triangle Data Age U
Berzerk Atari C
Berzerk Sears U
Big Bird's Egg Catch Atari R (need kid's controller)
Blackjack Atari U
Blackjack Sears U
Blueprint CBS U
BMX Airmaster Atari ER
BMX Airmaster TNT UR
Boing! First Star ER
Bowling Atari C
Bowling Sears U
Boxing Activision U
Brain Games Atari R
Brain Games Sears R
Breakaway IV Sears C
Breakout Atari C
Bridge Activision R
Bridge International Edition R (Pal Only)
Buck Rogers Sega R
Bugs Data Age U
Bump 'n Jump INTV R (white label)
Bump 'n Jump Mattel R
Bumper Bash Spectravision ER
Burgertime INTV R (white label)
Burgertime Mattel R
Burning Desire/Bachelorette Party Playaround ER adult double ender game)
Busy Police Zellers ER (Keystone Kapers clone)
Cakewalk CommaVid ER
California Games Epyx R
Cannon Man Sears ER (same as Human Cannonball)
Canyon Bomber Atari C
Canyon Bomber Sears U
Capture Sears R
Carnival Coleco U
Casino Atari U
Centipede Atari C
Challenge Zellers R
Championship Soccer Atari C (same as Pele's Soccer)
Chase Sears C
Chase the Chuckwagon Spectravision ER
Checkers Activision R
Checkers Sears ER
China Syndrome Spectravision ER
Chopper Command Activision C
Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox ER
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Ghost Manor Xonox ER (double ender)
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Spike's Peak Xonox ER(double ender)
Circus Sears C (same as Circus Atari)
Circus Zellers R
Circus Atari Atari C
Coconuts Telesys R
Codebreaker Atari U
Codebreaker Sears R
Color Bar Generator Videosoft UR
Combat Atari C
Commando Activision R
Commando Raid U.S.Games R
Communist Mutants from Space Starpath U (need Supercharger)
Congo Bongo Sega R
Cookie Monster Munch Atari R (need Kid Controller)
Cosmic Ark Imagic C
Cosmic Commuter Activision R
Cosmic Corridor Zimag R
Cosmic Creeps Telesys R
Cosmic Swarm CommaVid R
Crackpots Activision R
Crash Dive 20th Century Fox Video Game ER
Crazy Climber Atari ER (Atari Club Member Game)
Crossbow Atari U
Crossforce Spectravision R
Cruise Missile Froggo U
Crypts of Chaos Fox Video Game R
Crystal Castles Atari U
Cubicolor Rob Fulop UR
Custer's Revenge Mystique ER (adult game)
Dare Diver Sears ER
Dark Cavern Mattel U
Dark Chambers Atari U
Deadly Duck 20th Century Fox R
Death Trap Avalon Hill ER
Decathlon Activision U
Defender Atari C
Defender Sears C
Defender II Atari R
Demolition Herby Telesys ER
Demon Attack Imagic C
Demons to Diamonds Atari C
Demons to Diamonds Sears U
Desert Falcon Atari C
Dice Puzzle Panda ER
Dig Dug Atari C
Dishaster Zimag R
Dodge 'Em Atari U
Dodger Cars Sears ER (same as Dodge 'Em)
Dolphin Activision R $
Donkey Kong Atari U
Donkey Kong Coleco C
Donkey Kong Junior Atari U
Donkey Kong Junior Coleco R
Double Dragon Activision R
Double Dunk Atari R
Dragon Treasure Zellers R
Dragonfire Imagic C
Dragonstomper Starpath R (need Supercharger)
Dragster Activision U
E.T. Atari C
Earth Attack Zellers R
Eggomania U.S.Games R
Eli's Ladder Simage UR
Encounter at L5 Data Age U
Enduro Activision U
Entombed U.S.Games ER
Escape from the Mindmaste Starpath R (need Supercharger)
Espial Tigervision ER
Exocet Panda ER
Fantastic Voyage 20th Century Fox R
Farmer Dan Zellers ER
Fast Eddie 20th Century Fox U
Fast Food Telesys R
Fatal Run Atari ER
Fathom Imagic R
Final Approach Apollo R
Fire Fighter Imagic U
Fire Fly Mythicon U
Fireball Starpath U (need Supercharger)
Fishing Derby Activision U
Flag Capture Atari U
Flash Gordon Fox Video Game R
Football Atari C
Football INTV C (white label)
Football Sears C (same as Atari Football)
Frankenstein's Monster Data Age R
Freeway Activision C
Freeway Zellers R
Frogger Parker Bros C
Frogger Starpath ER (need Supercharger)
Frogger II Parker Bros ER
Frogs and Flies INTV U (white label)
Frogs and Flies Mattel U
Front Line Coleco R
Frontline Zellers R
Frostbite Activision R
Fun with Numbers Atari U
G.I. Joe Cobra Strike Parker Bros U
Galaxian Atari C
Gangster Alley Spectravision R
Gas Hog Spectravision ER
Gauntlet Answer Software UR
General Retreat/Westward Playaround UR (adult double ender game)
Ghost Manor Xonox ER
Ghost Manor/Spike's Peak Xonox U (double ender)
Ghostbusters Activision R
Glib Selchow & Righ UR
Golf Atari C
Golf Sears C (same as Atari Golf)
Gopher U.S.Games R
Gorf CBS U
Grand Prix Activision U
Grand Prix Zellers R
Gravitar Atari U
Gravitar Atari UR (Atari Club Member Game)
Great Escape Bomb ER
Gremlins Atari ER
Guardian Apollo UR
Gunslinger Sears U (same as Outlaw)
Gyruss Parker Bros R
H.E.R.O Activision R
Halloween Wizard ER
Hangman Atari U
Harbor Escape Panda ER
Haunted House Atari C
Haunted House Sears R
Home Run Atari C
Human Cannonball Atari U
Hunt and Score Atari R
I Want My Mommy Zimag ER
Ice Hockey Activision C
Ikari Warriors Atari R
Inca Gold Zellers ER
Indy 500 Atari C (need Indy controller)
Infiltrate Apollo U
International Soccer Mattel U
James Bond Parker Bros R
Jawbreaker Tigervision ER
Journey Escape Data Age U
Joust Atari C
Jr Pac Man Atari C
Jungle Fever/Knight Playaround ER (adult double ender game)
Jungle Hunt Atari C
Kaboom Activision C
Kangaroo Atari C
Karate Froggo R
Keystone Kapers Activision U
Killer Satellites Starpath U (need Supercharger)
King Kong Tigervision ER
Klax Atari ER
Kool-Aid Man Mattel R
Krull Atari R
Kung Fu Master Activision R
Laser Blast Activision C
Laser Gates Imagic R
Laser Volley Zellers R
Lochjaw Apollo UR
Lock 'n Chase INTV C (white label)
Lock 'n Chase Mattel C
London Blitz Avalon Hill ER
Lost Luggage Apollo U
M*A*S*H Fox Video Game U
M.A.D. U.S.Games R
MagiCard CommaVid UR
Malagai Answer Software UR
Mangia Spectravision UR
Marauder Tigervision ER
Marine Wars Konami ER
Mario Bros Atari U
Master Builder Spectravision ER
Masters of the Universe INTV R (white label)
Masters of the Universe Mattel R
Math Sears C
Math Gran Prix Atari U
Math Gran Prix Sears R
Maze Sears U (same as Maze Craze)
Maze Craze Atari C
Mega Force Fox Video Game U
Megamania Activision C
Memory Match Sears U
Midnight Magic Atari U
Millipede Atari R
Miner 2049er Tigervision R
Miner 2049er Vol.II Tigervision UR
Mines of Minos CommaVid ER
Miniature Golf Atari U
Missile Command Atari C
Missile Command Sears U
Mogul Maniac Amiga R
Montzuma's Revenge Parker Bros R
Moon Patrol Atari C
Moonsweeper Imagic U
Motocross Racer Xonox ER
Motocross Racer/Tomarc the Barbarian Xonox ER (double ender)
Motorodeo Atari ER
Mountain King CBS R
Mouse Trap Atari R
Mouse Trap Coleco U
Mr. Do Coleco R
Mr. Do's Castle Parker Bros ER
Ms Pac-Man Atari C
Music Machine Sparrow UR
Name This Game U.S.Games U
Nexar, The Challenge of Spectravision R
Night Driver Atari C
Night Driver Sears U
No Escape Imagic R
Obelix Atari ER (Pal only)
Ocean City Defender Zellers R
Off the Wall Atari ER
Off Your Rocker Amiga ER
Oink Activision R
Omega Race CBS R (works with booster gripper)
Oscar's Trash Race Atari R (need Kid's Controller)
Othello Atari U
Othello Sears R
Out of Control Avalon Hill ER
Outer Space Sears U
Outlaw Atari C
Pac-Man Atari C
Pac-Man Sears C
Party Mix Starpath UR (need Supercharger)
Pele's Soccer Atari C
Pengo Atari ER
Pete Rose Baseball Absolute R
Phaser Patrol Starpath U (need Supercharger)
Philly Flasher/Cathouse Blues Playaround ER (adult double ender game)
Phoenix Atari C
Picnic U.S.Games R
Piece o' Cake U.S.Games R
Pigs in Space Atari ER
Pinball Zellers R
Pitfall Activision C
Pitfall International Edition Activision R (Pal only)
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Activision R
Planet Patrol Spectravision R
Plaque Attack Activision R
Poker Plus Sears U
Polaris Tigervision ER
Pole Position Atari C
Pong Sports Sears U (need paddles)
Pooyan Konami R
Popeye Parker Bros C
Porky's 20th Century Fox R
Pressure Cooker Activision R
Private Eye Activision R
Q-bert Parker Bros C
Q-bert's Qubes Parker Bros ER
Quadrun Atari UR (Atari Club Member Game)
Quest for Quintana Roo Sunrise ER
Quick Step Imagic R
Rabbit Transit Starpath ER (need Supercharger)
Race Sears U
Racquetball Apollo U
Radar Zellers R
Radar Lock Atari R
Raft Rider U.S.Games ER
Raiders of the Lost Ark Atari C
Ram It Telesys ER
Rampage Activision ER
Reactor Parker Bros U
Realsports Baseball Atari C
Realsports Boxing Atari U
Realsports Football Atari C
Realsports Soccer Atari U
Realsports Tennis Atari U
Realsports Volleyball Atari U
Rescue Terra I Venturevision ER
Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes 20th Century Fox R
Riddle of the Sphinx Imagic U
River Patrol Tigervision UR
River Raid Activision U
River Raid II Activision R
Road Runner Atari ER
Robin Hood Xonox ER
Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot Xonox ER (double ender)
Robin hood/Super Kung Fu Xonox ER
Robot Tank Activision U
Roc 'n' Rope Coleco R
Room of Doom CommaVid ER
Rubik's Cube Atari ER (same as Atari Video Cube)
Scuba Diver Panda ER
Scuba Diver Zellers R
Sea Hawk Froggo R
Sea Hawk Panda ER
Sea Hawk Zellers R
Sea Hunt Froggo R
Seaquest Activision U
Secret Quest Atari R
Sentinel Atari ER
Shark Attack Apollo U
Shootin Gallery Imagic ER
Shuttle Orbiter Avalon Hill ER
Sir Lancelot Xonox ER
Skateboardin Absolute R
Skeet Shoot Apollo R
Skiing Activision C
Sky Diver Atari U
Sky Jinks Activision R
Sky Skipper Parker Bros R
Slot Machine Atari R
Slot Racers Atari U
Slots Sears R
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel Coleco R
Smurfs Save the Day Coleco ER
Sneak 'n' Peak U.S.Games R
Snoopy and the Red Baron Atari ER
Soccer Sears U
Solar Fox CBS U
Solar Storm Imagic R
Solaris Atari C
Sorcerer Mythicon U
Sorcerer's Apprentice Atari R
Space Adventure Zellers R
Space Attack Mattel C
Space Canyon Panda ER
Space Cavern Apollo U
Space Combat Sears U
Space Invaders Atari C
Space Invaders Sears C
Space Jockey U.S.Games C
Space Shuttle Activision R
Space War Atari U
Spacechase Apollo U
Spacemaster X-7 20th Century Fox ER
Speedway II Sears U
Spider Fighter Activision U
Spider Man Parker Bros U
Spiderdroid Froggo U
Spike's Peak Xonox ER
Spitfire Attack Milton Bradley R
Springer Tigervision ER
Sprintmaster Atari R
Spy Hunter Sega ER
Squeeze Box U.S.Games U
SSSnake Data Age U
Stampede Activision C
Star Fox Mythicon U
Star Raiders Atari C
Star Raiders Sears U
Star Ship Atari U
Star Strike INTV R (white label)
Star Strike Mattel R
Star Trek Sega R
Star Voyager Imagic C
Star Wars: Death Star Battle Parker Bros R

Star Wars: Jedi Arena Parker Bros R
Star Wars: The Arcade Gam Parker Bros ER
Star Wars: The Empire Str Parker Bros C
Stargate Atari R
Stargunner Telesys ER
Starmaster Activision C
Steeplechase Sears R
Stellar Track Sears R
Strategy X Konami ER
Strawberry Shortcake Parker Bros R
Street Racer Atari U
Stronghold CommaVid ER
Stuntman Panda ER
Submarine Commander Sears ER
Sub-Scan Sega R
Subterranea Imagic ER
Suicide Mission Starpath U (need Supercharger)
Summer Games Epyx R
Super Baseball Atari U
Super Breakout Atari C (need paddles)
Super Breakout Sears C (need paddles)
Super Challenge Baseball Mattel C
Super Challenge Football Mattel C
Super Cobra Parker Bros R
Super Football Atari U
Superman Atari U
Superman Sears ER
Surf's Up Amiga ER
Surround Atari U
Survival Island Starpath ER (need Supercharger)
Survival Run Milton Bradley R
Sword of Saros Starpath ER (need Supercharger)
Swordquest Earthworld Atari C
Swordquest Fireworld Atari C
Swordquest Waterworld Atari UR
Tac-Scan Sega U
Tank Brigade Panda ER
Tank Plus Sears U
Tanks but No Tanks Zimag ER
Tapeworm Spectravision R
Tapper Sega ER
Target Fun Sears C
Task Force Froggo R
Tax Avoiders American Video ER
Taz Atari R
Tennis Activision C
Texas Chainsaw Massac Wizard ER $50
The Earth Dies Screaming 20th Century Fox R
Threshold Tigervision ER
Thunderground Sega R
Time Pilot Coleco R
Time Warp Zellers U
Titlematch Pro Wrestling Absolute R
Tomarc the Barbarian Xonox ER
Tomcat Absolute ER
Tooth Protectors DSD/Camelot UR
Towering Inferno U.S.Games U
Track and Field Atari R (works best with Track n Field controller)
Trick Shot Imagic U
Tron Deadly Discs INTV U (white label)
Tron Deadly Discs Mattel U
Tunnel Runner CBS Electronic R
Turmoil Fox Video Game U
Turmoil Zellers R
Tutankham Parker Bros R
Up 'n Down Sega ER
Vanguard Atari C
Venture Atari C
Venture Coleco C
Video Checkers Atari R
Video Chess Atari U
Video Chess Sears R
Video Jogger Exus UR
Video Life CommaVid UR
Video Olympics Atari C (need paddles)
Video Pinball Atari C
Video Reflex Exus UR
Wabbit Apollo R
Wall Ball Avalon Hill ER
Wall Defender Bomb ER
Warlords Atari C (need paddles)
Warlords Sears U (need paddles)
Warplock Data Age U
Wing War Imagic ER
Winter Games Epyx R
Wizard of Wor CBS U
Word Zapper U.S.Games U
Worm War I 20th Century Fox U
Xenophobe Atari ER
X-Man Universal UR
Yars' Revenge Atari C
Yars' Revenge Sears U
Zaxxon Coleco R
Z-Tack Bomb ER

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