Video Game Ads
Letters R to Z
(currently there are 48 different ads)

Reactor - A good commercial, but doesn't really capture the spirit of the game.

Realsports - Atari believed in putting a real version of the game in their ads (at least this one).

Sammy Lightfoot - The high flying hero with a pompadour (at least in the ad).  The game appeared on the Coleco.

Seaquest - You can hear that Jaws music playing as you look at this ad.  That is one diver who is going to have a very bad day.

Sears Telegames Contest - The contest is over, but it was still pretty cool.  Who didn't want to win an Atari in the 80's?

Sega - This is another two pager.  If you have a slow modem, you may want to avoid this page or go make a sandwich.

Sega Ad #2 - This one is not as nice as the other but it is the one more people saw.

Sewer Sam - The artwork looks like either an underground comic book or a surrealist painter.  

Solar Fox - Another of Atari's comic book styled ads.  I do enjoy these!

Solar Storm - 9000 degrees!  Man that is hot!  Too bad the game wasn't as hot.

Space Cavern - Another ad that was much better than the actual game. 

Space Shuttle - See Activision go high tech.  It is more than a game, it is an experience!

Spectrevideo Computer - See a computer add-on for the Atari 2600.  

Spectrevision - Here is an ad for the many games released by Spectrevision.  A good ad but nothing spectacular.

Stampede - With all the cowboys, it looks like an audition for a Marlboro commercial.

Star Raiders - Cool ad and a cool game.  Nice shot they took at Activision!

Star Trek - Here are some quick instructions on how to use the overlay with Star Trek.

Star Wars Arcade - The best of the Star Wars ads, very well done!  You may ask why I didn't put all the Star Wars ads together?  Well, at 3:00 in the morning after my third Pepsi, it made sense to put them where they ended up.  Go figure!

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back - This is the one you saw grace the back of a thousand comics.  A cool ad!

Sunrise - See the lad graduate to better......umm.... different games.  So much for truth in advertising.

Supercharger - This is a black and white ad for the best add-on the Atari ever seen!

Supercharger 2 - Another ad for the best thing you could add to your Atari.  This time it is in color and very nice!

Super Cobra - One of two very good ads for this game.  I can still remember seeing them in every stinking comic I bought.  Talk about overkill.

Swordquest - This is one of the biggest files and has some of the most beautiful artwork ever seen in an ad.  It is a double pager and I tried to line them up, but they are off a bit.  After many attempts to get a clear picture, this is as close as I can get.

Tapeworm - What a cute little tapeworm.  Leave it to video games to make something as disgusting as a tapeworm cute.

Telesys - Another of the thin ads that ran along the pages.   Sorta the Burma Shave of classic game ads.

Tengen - OK, it may not be classic, but it does have Pacman!  Can you get any more classic than Pacman?

Tennis - Not one of the more memorable Activision ads.

Threshold - See what the critics have to say about this game.

Tigervision - Can't make out the text, but the picture is very nice!   Wonder if that bomb next to King Kong was foreshadowing?

Attack of the Timelord - A good Odyssey II game and a cool ad!  I especially like the description at the top!  

Trackball - The great Atari trackballs, one of the best features of the 5200!  Centipede and Missile Command never played so good at home!

Treasure of Tarmin - Another great ad that made me crave this game.  Looking back at how much these ads affected me, it is no wonder I was broke through most of my life.

Treasure of Tarmin 2 - A much nicer looking ad.  It is almost scary!

Tron - About par for course for Mattel.  The M-Network ads really are the vanilla of ads, very plain.

Turmoil - This is technically for computer games, but Turmoil did make its debut on the 2600.  Glad that that game wasn't drawn by the artist in this ad.

Turtles - Very nice ad for an overlooked arcade game that was ported to the Odyssey II.

Tutankham - A very pretty ad, but what would you expect from the boy king?

Ultravision Condor Attack - Nice ad for two really bad games.  Still, most collectors would love to own them, especially the Condor Attack.

Vanguard - Should I shoot the snake or love it?  If you don't know, then read this ad!  Luthor did and look how popular he is!

Vectrex System - The highly coveted system boasts that it was chosen 2 to 1 over Atari and Intellivision.

Vectrex and 3-D Imager - Another ad to make you drool!  This one shows not only the coveted Vectrex system, but the elusive 3D goggles and the light pen.   Mmmmm, 3D glasses.

War Room - It wasn't until recently that I found this ad.  I honestly don't remember seeing it during my youth.

Wings and Tunnel Runner - Here is an ad for a game that never came out and one that did.   Too bad as Wings looked like a very good game.

Wizard Video - The infamous company advertises their wares.  Here is an ad for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Flesh Gordon.  I made this ad bigger, so you can read the wonderful descriptions of these games.

Wizard of Odyssey - This crazy old man extolled the virtues of the Odyssey keyboard.  Forever in my mind will be "the keyboard is the key to greater challenges".  Thanks a bunch!

Wiztype - Wizard of Id teaches typing!  Sure beats that Mavis person.

Xonox - Get two mediocre games for one price!  Only in America!



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