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Heist - Want to know why I put this under the Heist when Boulderdash was more prominently featured?  Because the A-G section has more ads in it and I want this section to catch up.  See, nothing scientific going on here.

How to Beat - Here is a series on how to beat games.  Maybe it is me, but they sure seem to be priced pretty steep.

Intellivision - This is actually a two page ad, but the second page was nothing but a bunch of boring text (Intellivision is better than Atari, blah, blah, blah), so to make a quicker download, I omitted the second part.  

Intellivision 2 - A second ad for the Intellivision, another two pager.

Intellivoice - Two page ad that tells how you can hear your games speak.

Interphase - See a very colorful ad for Sewer Sam and Blockade Runner.  Ad is much nicer than the games, that were not as spectacular.

James Bond - A clever ad for a lame game.  I can still remember how much this ad made me want this game.  Luckily, I never found it until later on.  

Jawbreaker - See the kids protest maze games.  Once they lost here, they went and formed a network just for kids, aka Nickelodeon.  Would I lie?

Star Wars Jedi Arena - A decent ad, but not of the strongest from Parker Bros.  Still gets the message across.

Journey Escape - Yes, it is based on the rock band.  You have to remember they were huge back in the 80's.

Joust Ad - One in a series of great ads from Atari!  This along with Mario Bros and Moon Patrol are works of art!

Joyboard -The ever famous Amiga joyboard!  Injured more ankles than any toy poodle ever did. 

Jungle Hunt - Another in the long line of ads that show you how to do better at Atari games (would it be too much to ask for a tip that everyone and their mother doesn't know?). 

Kaboom - Is it me or does the bomber look a little creepy?

Kangaroo - Which fruit is worth more points, one coming at your head or one going down past you?  Maybe it is me, but if you miss the one coming at your head, then the point question is moot.

KC Munchkin - A very nice ad for the Odyssey 2 game.  Too bad their games were never as good as their ads (though this game was quite good).

Keystone Kapers - A nice ad for a great game!  Activision really did it all, didn't they?

Killer Bees - A very scary ad.  I hope you are not scared of bees.

Kool Aid Man - Wow!  Kool Aid Man in a video game!  Too bad the real thing wasn't half as much fun as the ad.  Oh yeah!

Lock n Chase - A basic commercial from Mattel.  Mattel seemed to either do incredible ads (like Dungeons & Dragons) or average ads like this one.

Lock n Chase 2 - This is an ad for the IBM game that was never made (to my knowledge).  Who would have thought that they would have to wait 15+ years for the Intellivision Lives CD to play this?

M.A.D. - No, not the magazine or the mothers against drunk drivers.   This is for the Atari game. 

Madden - Not the football game, but the announcer.  Here he is hawking the CBS games, Gorf and Wizard of Wor.

Mario Bros - I can hear that theme music in my head.  "Mario, where are you!"  Ah is that beautiful or what?

Marvel Handhelds - Ad for handheld games based on Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk.

Masters of the Universe - This is the prettier ad that was used in the video game magazines.  Skeletor never looked better!

Megamania - Never thought I would fear a tire, but this one is downright scary.

Megamania 2 - Another ad for the classic game.  Not as clever as the other one but still very good.

Meteorites - This ad features two items that every 5200 collectors dreams of, the Meteorites cart and the joystick adapter.  Take a look and please clean up any drool.

Microfun - This a the dreaded two pager!  That means it is a very long load.  But the good news is this ad features 4 games, with three of them ones that were never released for the Colecovision!  

Escape from the Mindmaster - Should have been under Escape from the Mindmaster, but that section has too many ads already.

M-Network - I always thought this ad was dull.  Guess it was hard to convey excitement when you take an Intellivision game and have to water it down some for the Atari. 

M-Network 2 - Another ad for the M-Network games.  This one is a two pager.

Moon Patrol - Another of the great ads from Atari!  Reads like a comic and even has a bit of humor! 

Moonsweeper - A good ad for an often overlooked game.

Montezuma's Revenge - A very nice commercial with a very scared looking man!

Mountain King - A great looking ad for a very good game!  Another in comic strip format.

Mr. Do's Castle - Here is an ad for a very rare game but a pretty good game.  A little trivia, there were a total of five Mr. Do games released.  They were Mr. Do, Mr. Do's Caste, Mr. Do's Wild Ride, Do Run Run and Neo Mr. Do. 

Ms Pacman - Do you know which fruit is worth more points; an apple or orange?  Well, read this ad and find out!

Nightstalker - This is an ad for the IBM game that as far as I know, was never made.  Pretty cool ad!

Nintendo Game & Watch - A nice ad for the classic series of handheld games that were the predecessor of the Gameboy.

Oil's Well - I love this game and the ad isn't too shabby either!

Omega Race - A very nice ad, showing the cool controller that was packaged with the game.

Pacman Cartoon - This is one cartoon I do remember.  Did the Pacdog ever make any video game appearances?

Pacman Watch - Everytime I look at this ad, I want to buy one of these.  They look so cool!

Parker Bros Graphitti - A very clever ad from Parker Bros.  I wonder if it sent the wrong message with their games written all over the bathroom.   You could have alot of fun with this.

Parker Bros Contest - Beat Tutankham and win a boatload of games!  Too bad it is over.

Phaser Patrol - It is essentially the same as the box cover, but what a nice box cover it was.

Phoenix - Here is another clue I was unaware of.  I really feel like a rookie video gamer. 

Pitfall - A great ad for one of the greatest games of all-time. 

Pitfall II - Maybe it is me, but this ad did little to make me want to buy the game.  A neat ad, but not very effective.

Pitfall II #2 - Unlike the other ad, this one is very well done!  I really like this ad alot!

Pitstop - A decent ad for a great game!   Gets part of the message across on this unique racer.

Polaris - A rare game for the Atari.  Fight below the seas and this ad will give you a glimpse into the world you are about to enter.

Pole Position - See a boy abusing a chair.   His father will tan his hide when he sees what he is doing to his chair.

Pong - An ad for the granddaddy of home systems!  It is black and white, but what did you expect?

Pooyan - I admit that this ad is for the computer version of Pooyan, but it's my site and I will put up what I want.  

Popeye - A very simple approach to a very simple game (hey wait, that is what I said about Frogger).  Gotta admit that the colorful ad did catch your eye.

Popeye Two Page Ad - A nice two page ad (recommended for broadband as it is big) with Popeye and the gang.

Power Lords - Possibly the rarest game for the Odyssey 2.  Guess this ad didn't help sales.

Prostick - I usually don't bother with ads for joysticks as they are usually boring (and this one is too), but this is my all-time favorite stick and the one I swear by!

Q*Bert #1 - Another of the stock ads for Parker Bros.  Same picture, just add in new game and new slogan.

Questprobe - The classic Scott Adams computer game based on the Incredible Hulk.




(All games, images and characters are copyrighted and owned by their respective properties. We do not own nor intend to infringe on the copyrights of any of the parties. These ads are up merely for the enjoyment of all fans of classic video games.)

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