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Here is the first group of classic game ads.  I broke them down into three categories due to the amount of ads I have and hope to add in the future.   Click to the left or below to go to the ad you want to see.  I put a brief description of each ad, so you can determine if you want to see it.

Activision -See what the critics think of the first and one of the best third party companies.

Amidar - A cute little ad about a game that was mostly overlooked.  A Pepper II clone at best.

Astrocade - Finally, an ad for the Bally Astrocade!  Not the best ad, but at least it is finally part of our ads!

Astrocade #2 - Another ad for the Bally Astrocade!  Woo Hoo!

Astro Chase - It is mostly words, but there are not alot of ads for Astrocade games, so enjoy it!

Atari 2600 #1 - One guess why the Atari 2600 is #1?  Give you a hint, its not the woodgrain.

Atari 2600 Comparing - Not so much a comparison as it is the games that only Atari has.

Atari 5200 - There was so much text, that I made this one bigger, so be prepared for a load.  But it is a fun read!

Atari Safari - Here was an Atari contest that involved Kangaroo and Jungle Hunt!

Atarian Club - Here is an ad for people wanting to join the Atarian Club.  Don't send money as that club is gone.

Atarisoft - Kids can be so cruel!   Fear not, Atari will save the day!

Battlezone - Want to be a real pro at Battlezone?  Read this ad and take notes!

BC Quest For Tires - Very nice and colorful ad!  If you like the BC comic strip, this would make a nice poster.

Beamrider - This is actually an ad for Beamrider and Dreadnaught Factor.  Really cool ad, I even made it a bit bigger so you can read the type (I am jinxing myself as everytime I say that, it ends up looking terrible).

Bermuda Triangle - A very colorful ad!   If only the game were as good.

Blockade Runner - Looks alot like a scene from an old Flash Gordon serial.  

Blueprint - Another ad with alot of text and small images.  Get the magnifying glass out.

Buck Rogers - Is a pretty nice looking ad.  Gotta give credit where it is due.

Bump n Jump - First you bump, then you jump!  Good old Mattel Electronics and their ads.

Bump n Jump 2 - Much nicer ad than the generic one above.  Gotta like the line that goes with it, very clever!

Burgertime - Very colorful and would make a neat t-shirt.  Peter Pepper in all his glory!

Burgertime 2 - This time we get to see a live action version of Peter Pepper.  Boy did he get old!

Burgertime 3 - Alot like the other ads.

Cardapter - Here is a device to play Atari 2600 games on the Vic 20 computer!  Pretty cool!

CBS - See the lineup of games from CBS for the Atari 5200!  A very (and I do mean very) colorful ad!

Centipede - Atari takes you for a dummy.  Do you get more points for shooting the Centipede head or the body?  Let me think about that one.

China Syndrome - It's gonna blow!  You better hurry up or we will be up to our eyeballs in mutant bugs!

Chopper Command - Inspired by Superman, this is a clever ad from Activision.

Colecovision - You may want to grab a soda while this loads as it is a two pager.  See Coleco hawking more vaporware with the Super Game Module.

Coleco 2600 - Ad for the Coleco games that were ported to the Atari 2600. 

Colecovision Super Action Controller - Nice ad for a controller that was ahead of its time.

Coleco Tabletops - Remember these mini arcade machines?  Well, here is an ad with four of them.

Commavid - Mines of Minos, Room of Doom and more rare carts featured in this ad!

Congo Bongo - He dies and yet he smiles.  What is his secret?   My guess is one too many hits in the head with a coconut.

Cosmic Creeps - Up and away!  Cute little ad that ran along the side of the page.

Crypts of Chaos - Very scary looking dragon adorns this ad for one of my favorite 2600 games.

Data Age - Cool ad for a really bad record (I know, I once owned it).  Maybe one day I will have the record playing as you look at it.

Star Wars Death Star Battle - All the Star Wars ads were nice and this one continued the trend.

Decathalon - Activision's attempt at flashy ads.  This along with Pitfall II try to elevate the video game ad.   Do they succeed?  You be the judge.

Decathalon #2 - How can you not want to play a game that is endorsed by Mr. Wheaties himself, Bruce Jenner?  

Dig Dug - This is a tip I never knew. Of course I was never into the points in Dig Dug, I just wanted to see how many different vegetables there were.

Dig Dug #2 - Another ad for the classic game.  This one is very nice.

Dragonfire - If you can't stand the heat, don't play the game!  Scorch!!!!!

Dungeons & Dragons - A very nice ad with a very ferocious looking dragon!

Enduro - You wouldn't think they were a little proud of this game, would you?

Enduro Pace Car - Play the game, win a car!  Pretty cool indeed!

Fathom - Not just an ad, but also a game!  See how many tridents you can find.

Fire Fighter - See the poor kid who got singed.   His hair looks like someone from Flock of Seagulls.

Frogger #1 -Sure the Frogger ads were simple and to the point, but so was the game.

Frogger #2 - Isn't Frogger cute?   Those big eyes, that innocent smile.  Just makes you want to help the poor bugger home.

Frogger #3 - The basic ad designed that was also used for Q*Bert and Popeye. 

Frogger II - This is one ad I remember vividly from my youth.  It made me want this game like you wouldn't believe!

Frostbite - You may not think Polar Bears look so cuddly after this ad. 

Galaxian - Here is a quick game lesson from Atari.  Pay attention!

Game Cartoon Ad - Remember all these classic game cartoons?  I unfortunately don't.   Anyone have a tape?

Game Club - We all know about the record and movie clubs, but how many of you remember the game club?

Gameline - Know how they made a big deal about the Sega game cable?  Well, Atari had them beat by a long shot!

Game Mate - Remote control joysticks for the Atari?  Here they are!

G.A.M.E.S. - I originally put this ad in so you could see how much a Vectrex cost back then.  You may have to squint to make out the prices.

Game Resale - This ad just makes me want to laugh!  Sad thing is that it probably worked.

Game Selex - Why keep putting carts in and out, when you could spend an ungodly amount of money on this contraption?

GI Joe - Get all the way through and you could win a nifty cap!  Sounds like a plan!

Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt - One of the longest titles for a video game, this unique game has a very eye catching ad.  Sure it looks alot like the box cover, but if its not broke, why fix it?




(All games, images and characters are copyrighted and owned by their respective properties.  We do not own nor intend to infringe on the copyrights of any of the parties.  These ads are up merely for the enjoyment of all fans of classic video games.)

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