Year Three

Issue #25 - Keeping with interesting articles, this issue featured occupations featured in video games.  You may be surprised at how many different ones are represented.  Also, Alan Hewston gives tips on garage saling and we have an article on building a virtual arcade.

Issue #26 - To sum this issue up with one word, it would be "weird".  From Fred Wagaman telling how life and Robotron are similar to Geoff Voigt's "Top Ten Reject Cart Names" to my Halloween costume ideas, this issued oozed with strangeness.  Wash your hands after reading this one.

Issue #27 - This issue featured the first talk of a classic video game show in Cleveland, which later became the CCAG. Also, Ryan Harrison began his monthly column on Canadian released classic games, a very informative series.  I also began my last classic prose story, The Menace from Outer Space.  

Issue #28 - One of the most popular articles ever done in RT came in this issue!  I did a step by step on how to set up MAME.  To this day, I still get feedback from this article. We also did an article for classic game joke, which was pretty much a flop.

Issue #29 - We saw the start of a short-lived, but popular series called "The Video Game Challenge".  This one featured Pole Position vs Turbo.  Fred did an interesting article where he compared classic gamers to the Amish, only in RT.

Issue #30 - Here was the first and certainly not the last mention of the Phillyclassic in the newsletter.  What began as a small show, has grown into a huge convention.  An interview with Rob Kudla, who redid Atari 2600 Pacman was also in the issue. 

Issue #31 - Alan Hewston did one of his popular Eyeball Benders for this issue.  Also, we took a look at the many labels of Intellivision carts.  Last, I take a look at some classic games that received remakes on the modern systems.

Issue #32 - More Eyeball Benders in this issue!  Plus, we list a bunch of songs that would fit well with different classic video games.  Lastly, Fred does a recount of Phillyclassic.

Issue #33 - This issue, we expose classic video game myths.  Also, the readers sent in their favorite songs that fit well with classic games.  See some truly bizarre ones.

Issue #34 - I was the first person to post about a guy who tried to get new Intellivision games made.  If you look at the first line of the article, you will see it was unfortunately prophetic, as nothing ever came of it.

Issue #35 - This month we not only interviewed Tim Snider, but also reviewed his games.  Overall, this was a very small issue.

Issue #36 - We went from a very small to a very big issue!  So bit it takes two pages!  A ton of coverage of Classic Gaming Expo by Geoff Voigt  This issue also begins Jim Krych's long running column on the TI computer.


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