Year Two

 Here are the links to the second year worth of Retrogaming Times!

Issue Thirteen - This issue we asked the question, "Are classic games going to become the next hot collectible?"  We also saw the conclusion of the Return to Pacman story, the first of my prose stories.

Issue Fourteen - This was the first issue to feature a Table of Contents.  There was also a debate between myself and Chris Cracknell over limited edition carts.

Issue Fifteen -The big topic this issue was a  look at the IDSA and their attack on MAME and sites that carried MAME.  

Issue Sixteen - This issue features the sweet sixteen ladies of classic video games.  There is also an interview with Frank Traut on his Scott Adams CD and I do an article on collecting marquees.

Issue Seventeen - This marks the debut of Alan Hewston as a regular writer for the newsletter.  He is second only to Fred Wagaman in total number of contributions.  There is also a review of the Intellivision Lives! CD.

Issue Eighteen - I started a new prose story this month, The Valley of the Centipede.  Also, the legacy of Billy the Block, our mascot is told.

Issue Nineteen - Alan Hewston interviews Brian McKee, a programmer for Atari Games.  Geoff Voigt takes a loving look at the Commodore 64.

Issue Twenty - Being the twentieth issue, there are a plethora of top twenty lists.  We also look to the future for the final issue of Retrogaming Times.

Issue Twenty One - An interesting issue with the conclusion of the Valley of the Centipede story, a list of warning signs that you may be a classic game addict and an interview with a Mythicon cart.  No one can say we are the same old stuff every issue!

Issue Twenty Two - We look into the gaming zone this issue, you know that magical place you go when you are so deep into a game, the world doesn't exist.  We also reveal the winner of the Retrogaming Times Logo contest!

Issue Twenty Three - Doug returns to do an article from Europe and we look at video game acronyms.  

Issue Twenty Four - This issue features a review of the Classic Gamer Expo, a show I was fortunate to attend.  By attending the show, I was able to review two different MAME joysticks and the great Classic Gamer Magazine!


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