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Year One

Issue One - Here is the first issue of the newsletter!  The first thing you will notice is how short it was.  Quite a difference from the epics we put out now!   Featured first question of the month!

Issue Two - This issue was a bit bigger and featured the first video game reviews.  They were newer games, but it was a start.

Issue Three - Another small increase in size.  This one featured a story about a guy who tried to sell me some prototyes.  I personally think it was a con job.  Also featured an article about Imagic and the Intellivision.

Issue Four - This issue was the same size as issue #3.  "A Deeper Look" debuted in this issue as did my first mention of MAME!  This also debuted my first personal story from gaming in my youth.

Issue Five - This issue was a big increase in size from issue #4.  This was also the first themed issue, with the theme being sequels.  Also, the MAME reviews began here.  

Issue Six - Another jump in size and another themed issue!  This time it was Pacman and the clones that were the basis of the theme.  A few articles I am proud of were "Pacman, the Babe Ruth of Video Games" and "Putting a High Price on Inferiority".   

Issue Seven - This issue saw a 25% increase in size and the debut of another long running column, "The Many Faces of" where I would look at the same game on different platforms.  Also, this issue featured the "Classic Video Game Quiz"!

Issue Eight - This issue went the opposite way as it was about 40% smaller than the previous issue.  I did a column at the end that dealt with why I do this newsletter as I had some people who seemed puzzled that I would spend so much doing it and not charge for it.  This was an Activision themed issue.

Issue Nine - Another themed issue, this time Parker Bros were the subject.  I also discussed about whether or not there should be a monthly price guide for games and reviewed the V-Stick.

Issue Ten - This issue was the beginning of a change!  Gone were the days when I wrote the entire issue.  Fred Wagaman and Doug Saxon both came aboard as writers and helped usher in a new era!  I did an article complaining about limited edition games (the one in question was "The Core" one which never came out and alot of people lost money on).

Issue Eleven - This was a huge issue and say four contributors!  Rayth Orlea (also known as Reptile) and Paul Smith joined Fred and Doug!  Also this featured a few new columns including "What's Happening in the hobby" and "eBay Gaming Trends, which later became "eBay Notes".  My first interview was here as I talked to programmer of Venture 2 and Grandpa Pacman, Lafe Travis.  Also a regular feature of questions asked to Andrew Davie, a game programmer of many games started here. Lastly, I started my first prose story, Return to Pacland.

Issue Twelve - The final issue of the first year!  Another large issue with multiple contributors!  This issue also featured a review with Warren Davis, who programmed Q*Bert and just released the Faster, Harder, More Challenging Q*Bert rom to MAME.


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