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Issue #61 - This month we had the results from the poll asked in issue #60.  I found out that Retrogaming Times is read worldwide!  It is read in every continent, except Antarctica and most of the states of the USA. 

Issue #62 - Pitfall Harry does the Many Faces of Pitfall.  It was just so appropriate.  He also asks what is your favorite game from 1982?

Issue #63 - This issue we give links to two other classic game newsletters, The Atari Times and 2600 Connection.  Always willing to send some readers their way.

Issue #64 - An era came to an end with this issue.  I told how I was getting rid of the price guides on the site.  Problem was I kept getting emails from people wanting to buy the items, but I did not have them for sale.  They were just price guides.  Alan also gave the top games from 1982, chosen by the readers.

Issue #65 - This was Jim Krych's last TI 99/4A article as he was called into service.  We also did a review of Jim's Devastator II controller.

Issue #66 - There is a silly article about job hunting and classic games.  Also a review of Activision Anthology.

Issue #67 - The Video Game Critic reviewed Atari 8-Bit games.  There are alot of great games for the Atari computers.  Also, we had Fred Wagaman talk about wargames and his new Steel Battalion controller.

Issue #68 - There was a review of Phillyclassic 4, a turning point for the show.  Alan Hewston did Many Faces of Oil's Well, one of my favorite classic games.

Issue #69 - I ask the question, what if Toru Iwatani, the creator of Pacman had been eating something other than Pizza when he was inspired to create Pacman?  Adam King does a Commercial Vault on the different Atari adapters, two commercials I never seen.

Issue #70 - Tonks talks about the Vic 20, an overlooked computer system and we praise the invention of the pause button. 

Issue #71 - A very short issue with a funny article about the evils of video games.  Alan Hewston does Many Faces on Frogger II, one of those games I actually like.

Issue #72 - We look at missed endorsement deals for classic game characters.  Also Adam King looks at the funny George Plimpton Intellivision commercials.  Those were classic.

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