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Issue #37- Doug Saxon returns to do an article.  Fred does one on Kids and games, something that most of us gamers will face one day.

Issue #38-For this month, we looked at how the hobby was growing.  From new classic game shows to more homebrew carts, things kept getting better for classic gamers.  I also talked about another classic board game that I found, that was unknown to most collectors.  It was a Wizard of Wor board game.

Issue #39-This month, I got on a soap box and asked if collecting classic games was really a harmless hobby.  Fred asked, "What is a Classic Game?", a question that comes up in newsgroups on a regular basis.

Issue #40-This issue Alan Hewston tells us how he became the first person to have a perfect score on Pitfall!  We also had holiday wish lists for classic game characters as well as news on Infogrames buying Hasbro, which also meant they owned Atari.

Issue #41-This month I had one of my failures.  I started a story called Temptation Video Game Island, based on the show Temptation Island.  Problem was I ran out of ideas after one article and canned it.  Oh well, all my ideas cannot work.

Issue #42-This issue marks the start of Dave Mrozek's reviews as the Video Game Critic.  A long time fan of the newsletter and webmaster of his own site, Dave decided to bring some of his reviews to Retrogaming Times.  Also, I took a look at the Worship the Woodgrain CD.

Issue #43-Know how people call game carts stuff like cassettes or tapes?  Well, we take a brief look at the many different names for the same item.  This issue also featured six different writers doing articles (seven if you count me).

Issue #44-I did a review of the Phillyclassic and how it really grew.  What a crazy weekend that was.  Also, I gave some tips on selling at classic game shows.  Once again there were six contributors. 

Issue #45-Another strange issue with a new story of sorts for me called Wild Cart Kingdom.  It was a take on the old Wild Kingdom show.  Also, we talk about holy grails in classic games.

Issue #46-The Devastator was the feature of this issue as I reviewed the mighty stick.  I was so impressed that I allowed Jim Krych to sell it on the site.  Also, Sarah Szefer makes her one appearance in Retrogaming Times.  She is now doing articles for Bit Age Times, so you can still enjoy her articles.

Issue #47-Dave Mrozek talks about some of the most underrated Atari 2600 games, while Alan Hewston does his 2000 games list.  Talk about ambitious.

Issue #48-This issue brought a conclusion to Wild Cart Kingdom and the beginning to Intruder Alert, my fourth prose story.  I also spoke about using up my fifteen minutes of fame.

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