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Issue #49-With the turmoil in the country, we took the time to reflect on the events of 9/11.  We also did another interview with Tim Snider about his Venture 2 cart, so he could shed light on the whole issue surrounding the cart.

Issue #50-We reached a big milestone with our 50th issue!  Also, Adam King came aboard with his very popular Classic Video Game Commercials.

Issue #51-With all the talk about video game shows in America, it was time for some coverage of shows in other countries.  This month, we had a recap of the Eurocon.  I would have loved to attend, but a bit too costly to fly overseas for a video game show.

Issue #52-This was a holiday issue with some cute holiday graphics and themed articles.  I also put a game idea for a holiday game.  Did you know there is no Christmas games for the Atari 2600?

Issue #53-Want to read some really bad video game poetry?  Then this issue is for you.  We also ask if collecting classic games will ever go mainstream.

Issue #54-I did an article on Video Game Lingo, which was quite popular.  Alan Hewston added to it later.  Also, we had "The Games of Winter" by Dave Mrozek and a TI interview done by Jim Krych.

Issue #55-I started a short lived (may need to revive it) column about the Deep Roots of Classic Games.  Add in the usual reviews and you have another fun issue.

Issue #56-More video game lingo and another Deep Roots article.  We also have an article called Tempest Heaven. 

Issue #57-This issue could easily be called the classic game show issue.  I have coverage of Phillyclassic, plus news about three other classic video game shows.

Issue #58-Alan Hewston and Curtis Boyle begin a three part series dealing the the Color Computer or the Coco as it is known.  Fred Wagaman does a thought provoking article on MAME Roms and their legality and I ask the question, "Why are so many people looking at my Faxanadu box scan?"

Issue #59-It was a short issue, but it did have seven articles from other writers, so it was a good one.  Also, I warn of the dark side of collecting classic games.  If you are new to the hobby, read this before it is too late.

Issue #60-This issue is funny in a not so funny way.  I asked readers to let me know where they are from.  No specific cities, just what state if in the USA or what country if outside of the USA.  I received alot of responses the next month.  And then I received more the next month and the next month.  And now, well over a year later, I am still receiving responses.  Thanks for emailing, but the survey is done.  I wonder if I will still receive responses a year from now?

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