Video Game Therapy - The Lost Session

This was supposed to originally appear in Issue #28, but for some reason it was completely forgotten, until now!  So turn your music down and listen in on another session of Dr. I.N. Sane.  Hey you, turn off that song "They're Coming to Take Me Away", that isn't funny.  This is serious therapy here, so listen in and maybe you will learn something.  Some people, sheesh.

Zookeeper-Doc, I need some real help and fast!

Dr. Sane-What is your trouble?

Zookeeper-It's my job, it is so stressful that I am losing my mind.

Dr. Sane-What kind of job is it that you do?

Zookeeper-I am a zookeeper, can't you tell by the hat and the net?

Dr. Sane-I am sorry, but I don't usually associate nets and zookeepers.  Butterfly collectors maybe.  Anyways, I digress, please tell me what is stressing you at work?

Zookeeper-It is the animals, they are crazy.  They keep breaking out of their cages and acting like....well....they act like animals.  Everytime I get them all in their cages, they kick down the wall and are loose again.

Dr. Sane-Have you thought of better constructed walls?  Maybe I am not the man to help you?

Zookeeper-There is something else to Doc, it is my girl.  See, the monkeys kept kidnapping her and I would chase down the stinking monkeys and free her.  

Dr. Sane-I see, but what is it that I can help you with?

Zookeeper-Well Doc, it is hard to say.  It is kind of embarrassing.

Dr. Sane-Please, just take a deep breath and then let it out.  Trust me, you will feel alot better.

Zookeeper-Well, here it goes....My girlfriend has dumped me for the monkeys!  There, I said it.  Are you happy?

Dr. Sane-I do not derive pleasure from my patients misfortunes.  Please tell me what makes you think this?

Zookeeper-Well, when I first would try to save her, she would sit up there all helpless and scream for me.  The last time I tried to save her, she joined in with the monkeys and threw coconuts at my head.  The pain I felt from being pelted by coconuts was nothing compared to the pain I felt in my heart.

Dr. Sane-Why do you think she would do this?  Did she give you any signs?

Zookeeper-She said that I didn't give her enough attention.  She started acting real weird when I first rescued her.  She kept wanting me to groom her and pick out fleas.  I told her she was just plain weird and she got all upset.  Next thing I know, she is off with the monkeys again and now she doesn't want to be rescued.  Help me Doc.

Dr. Sane-This is a very complex case.  We have run out of time for this session, but I will set up additional appointments as this will take some work to get through.  See if you can get your girlfriend and possibly the monkeys to attend the next session.

Zookeeper-Will try Doc and thanks. I do feel a little better.

That is the end of the Video Game Therapy.  If you would like to see more sessions, please email me and say "We want more therapy!" 

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