by Adam King

Greetings, gamers. This month I can actually bring back an old tradition. With Alan Hewston reviewing Congo Bongo, I decided to do a double feature about that under-appreciated company, Sega, the makers of Congo Bongo. Nowadays Sega is making games for all the systems, but as we all know, this is not the first time Sega was just a third-party publisher. Before the Dreamcast, before the Genesis, before the Master System, Sega was just a software company putting out ports of arcade hits for most of the major game and computer systems. For this month I have the commercial for Congo Bongo, as well as another Sega title, Buck Rogers.

I apologize for the less-than-stellar screen-grabs, but the tape I had didn't have these ads in the best condition. I just had to make do. Hopefully I can find better versions for the CD.

Congo Bongo
This ad is made up entirely of animated game screens instead of actual gameplay. As the explorer moves around each level, a voiceover that sounds like Groucho Marx spouts out some one-liners. This ad even has a laugh track.

(We begin with the first level, with the explorer dodging the nuts thrown by the giant monkey)
"Say, a funny thing happened when I started to play Congo Bong. Hey, these nuts are crazy!"
(Later in the level he confronts three monkeys as they toss him into the water below)
"Who are these guys? Hey fellas, let's not get carried away. Oh no!"
(Now he's in the next level and has to cross the river, which is filled with baddies, by hopping on stuff)
"Maybe I'll go for a swim. On second thought, maybe I'll go for a walk."
(He makes it across and gets past a blue rhino to get to the big monkey)
"Hey lady! This is a one way street! Hey, that's the guy I've been looking for."
(And for the big finish)
"Congo Bongo. From Sega. It laughs a long, long time."

"So here I go up this hill. Or staircase or whatever it is."

"Do any of you know what time it is?"

"Why can't they just build a bridge?"

"Out of the way! I want that ape!"

How come I can't get a laugh track when I play Zaxxon?

Buck Rogers
This is an 80's ad if I ever saw one, and I have seen many. This spot is just like all those 1950's B-movies. Two guys in alien costumes are under attack by an Earth game player, who's plowing through their defenses by playing the game.

"Check it out, dude. We're scary aliens."

"Forget the costumes. Worry about that guy killing us."

"We're losing to this dork? That's more embarrassing than these costumes."

Words fail me.

Time to sign off for another 30 days. As far as the upcoming CD-Rom is concerned, I can always use some help getting the ads together. So search your old videos, and if you find something I can use, let me know. Plus I may go ahead and thrown in a few computer ads, like the TI994 and the Commodore 64. Until next time, keep gaming and look out for the monkeys.

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