by Adam King

Greetings, gamers, it's time to serve up some more commercial goodness from the Vault. With Alan doing Joust and Turmoil for the Many Faces Of, I just happen to have commercials of both those games.

Both these ads can be found at the Atari Historical Society (

This commercial for Atari's arcade hit, which Tom pointed out in Issue 50, is totally surreal. The 2-minute epic starts out innocently enough; a teen runs in, shows his yellow bird his shiny new Joust game, and begins to play. Suddenly two life-size jousters riding buzzards burst from the floor and have their own joust. The teen just tries to avoid getting killed as the enemies battle. In no time at all the living room is trashed, and the teen finds and drinks an egg the jousters left behind, leading to a weird effect.

He's showing what he thinks is a normal game.

The bird knows something's coming.

"Mind if we fight here?"

"Dudes, this is my living room."

He has a front row seat for this duel.

The bird gets cooked near the end.

With his foe vanquished, he departs through the window.

"Looks like they left me a surprise."

You'll have to see the ending yourself. This ad is just beyond words. Anyway Atari made another Joust ad, a simple animated version, that probably replaced this one on the airwaves.

NOTE: If you have a broadband connection and/or a lot of time, you can downloaded a larger version of the ad at Beware, it is a huge file.

This spot for the 2600 version of Turmoil shows a game player going crazy from all the action going on, all the shooting and crazy stuff. Please note that the video I had was pretty poor in quality, so I couldn't make out the lyrics.

If you sit that close to the TV, you'll ruin your eyes.

Airline food, without the airplane.

Don't look know, but there's a tank behind you.

This guy must have watched the Exorcist.

an this cart really drive people up the wall?

Not too much to this ad, though.

Don't forget you can help out the Vault. If you have a suggestion of somewhere where I can find videos, drop me a line at Until next time, beware the next time you drop that Joust cartridge in your 5200.

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