by Adam King

Greetings, gamers. With Alan reviewing all those Star Trek games, I'd thought I'd tackle another famous space game. Plus I'm covering the runner-up in the Top 20 list.

Both these ads can be found at the Atari Historical society (

Star Raiders
Like I said my first commercial is for the Atari smash Star Raiders. The entire ad consists of gameplay footage, but what's interesting is the computer voice that's intimidating you.

"You're flying in the Atari galaxy. We play rough out here. Sure, you have an attack computer, and photon torpedoes. Ooh, nice shot, flyboy. But there's 40 of us, one of you. Checkin' the map, Star Raider? We know where you are. Bye-bye, Star Raider."
"Star Raiders, the home videogame that's only from Atari, and only for systems made by Atari."

Be careful, they play rough out here.

Don't take too long; they know where you are.

A victim of a technicolor explosion.

Be careful, they play rough out here.

Great, now everyone's going to be too intimidated to play this game now. Way to scare off your customers, Atari.

The Fly
This ad, which was no. 2 on the Top 20 list, was originally shown in movie theaters. I'm not sure if it was shown on television or not. Anyway in this two minute piece we see an Atari programmer in action. He looks at a fly and it gives him an idea for Yar's Revenge. Thing is the game comes to life before him. But he doesn't stop there. He also creates Asteroids and Star Raiders.

"A fly. I'll have a mutant fly. Hello, Yar. You'll need some protection. Ion zone. Uh uh, chick chroma. Intensify. Okay, now you'll need some weapons. You'll need a formidable enemy. The Qotile. Watch it Yar he has a lethal drone. There's some other tricks up his sleeve. Spiral. Go. Ooh, good move, Yar. Now, I have a surprise for you: a Zorlon cannon. Use it Yar. Fire again. Got him! Heh heh heh, that's revenge; Yar's revenge. This could be fun, this could be a lot of fun like Asteroids. Yeah, that's it. Get em' get 'em. Beautiful. Watch it. Disintegrate. Now let's go into deeper space. Galactic map. Okay, sector 11, hyperspace. Sights in. Zylon warships. Attack. Photons. Star Raiders. That's it, Star Raiders. That'll keep them on their toes. Let's see what we can come up with next. We're Atari. We have the vision. And we invented the technology to bring it home, to you."

A small fly can lead to big games.

"From nothingness, I have created Yar."

Watch out for the spiral.

More technicolor explosions

Careful, you could get hurt by the rocks.

"Just checking my giant galactic map here."

Star Raiders, without the ship.

Heavy "wow" factor here.

All I can say is "Ah-mazing!" Certainly one of the best ads I've ever seen. You definitely have to check this out.

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