by Adam King

Greetings, gamers. With summer winding down, I thought some of you might be blue, and others might be headed to some foreign lands for one more quick vacation. So I have provided ads about both points. (yes, I admit I couldn't match up this month's "Many Faces).

The first ad was requested by someone named John (no last name). This spot was for the M-Network line of Atari games. M-Network was the label used by Mattel when they ported some of their Intellivision titles to the Atari 2600. Here we find several teenagers bored with their Atari, until several girls brighten their day (literally) with some M-Network titles. All the while a song is playing in the background which is a take-off of the 60s hit "Summertime Blues".

"Well, you dig your Atari but you're craving for new action, You want new excitement and you want satisfaction, Well you're gonna feel better when you hear the news, M Network is the cure for the video blues. Yeah...M Network is the cure for the video blues.

"I'm so blue..."

Remember that ZZ Top song?

"Nope. Still bored."

"Let's climb into our 50's car. Hurry!"

"Let's brighten up this scene with M Network games."

"Now we're having fun!"

Don't forget, they cure the video blues.

Of course the M Network label didn't last too long. Soon Mattel started using their own name for their last few releases. You can find this spot at Atari-Headquarters (

Atari UK
Special thanks to Brett Gladson for pointing out this ad! This is an ad for the Atari 2600 that aired in the United Kingdom. Even though the 2600 was made in the USA it was also sold Europe and did moderately well.  This ad features a British boy who receives a 2600 from his father, along with the Space Invaders game.

FATHER: "Well, this is what you've been asking me for in the last few months, the Atari video game, and Space Invaders."
BOY: "Thanks, dad."
FATHER: "Let's see how long that keeps you amused."
As the boy plays several games and their variations, the announcer says: "Discover the new Atari Video Computer System. Fourty-five cartridges containing over 700 challenging, absorbing, and educational games.
By the time we get back to the boy, he's grown into a man, who now says, "Dad, I'm beginnin' to get a bit bored with this."
The aged father slaps the back of his head and says, "Typical. You never stick with anything now."

"Hey son, I got a surprise for you."

"Wow! Space Invaders!"

 And so it begins.

The effects of playing 2600 Pac-Man

"Why are you still playing that game!"

What? Don't they Play Their Atari Today?

This foreign ad was pretty interesting. I guess they're trying to say that it'll take much time to go through all the games' variations. They probably forget that over 700 cartridges were released for the Atari system throughout its lifespan. How long would that take?

Anyway you can see the video on the Retrogamer website (

Now I have something to ask you readers. For the December Issue of RT, I'm compiling a list of the Top 20 Game Classicgaming Commercials of all time. What I need is for you to send me what you say your favorite commercials are. I will accept ads from 1977 to 1990, which deal with Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision, and the lesser game systems. If possilbe I'll also accept early Nintendo and Sega ads. This will run from September 20th to Novemer 30th. Once December rolls around I'll post the results. I hope to see what you guys think are the best commercials.

Click Here to Send List of Favorite Commercials

Until next time, always remember: M-Network will cure your video blues.

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