by Adam King

The Christmas season is always a magical time for the videogame industry. Companies release their top products, gaming magazines balloon to three times their size, and holiday-themed commercials fill the television airwaves. Since this is the Christmas issue of RT, I found a Christmas style ad for the vault. This commercial is for (stay with me) E.T. for the Atari 2600. We all probably heard the story on how Atari paid $21 million for the videogame rights to E.T., only to make it the worst flop ever.

There's not much dialogue in this ad. On Christmas Eve, a couple of kids are going to sleep for the night, and shortly after ET comes in the house, decked in a Santa suit (you don't actually see his face). He walks over to a pair of presents that say "Elliot" and "ET" on them, and what does he get? Why, the E.T. videogame. He puts it in the family's Atari 2600 and starts to play just as the kids wake up and run down to see him. Then the announcer says, "Only from Atari, made especially for systems from Atari, the videogame that lets you help E.T. get home, just in time for Christmas. Happy Holidays, from Atari."


"Go to sleep kids. Santa will be here, or maybe someone else..."

"Oh no. Aliens are landing."

Santa sure got a lot smaller this year.

"Just what I always wanted: an insult."

"I'm sure they won't mind if I borrow their VCS."

"He's here! E.T. is here!"

"We're sorry, Mr. Spielberg."

Of course the biggest irony is the man that designed E.T., Howard Scott Warshaw, also designed the awesome game Yar's Revenge. Can someone tell me what happened?

I have something to ask to all you gamers out there. I have plenty of commercials for the vault, but I can always use more. Therefore, if you have any videofiles of commercials or know of some websites that carry them, please let me know. It can be for any game system or title. My email is (Please do NOT suggest They seem to have problems there.)

Well, until next month, enjoy this holiday season. Feliz Navidad!

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