by Adam King

Welcome back to the vault. This month's commercial is for Yar's Revenge for the Atari 2600, one of the several commercials to feature the familiar jingle "Have you played your Atari today". Sadly, an ad for an awesome game is done with a dopey song. It features two kids playing the game, and later their mom joins in and fights the enemy while they munch on pizza. Plus, they all have fun doing it, especially after the mother wins the level. The words are below, but don't ask me for a sound file; trust me, you don't want it.

"You're a fly named Yar on a quest in space,
you attack the shield of the Qotile's base.
But watch out, Yar,
He knows where you are.
Yar's Revenge is new from Atari,
Have you played Atari today?"
"With ion zones and evil drones, there's nothing like Yar's Revenge, the way out space game that's new from Atari. Who else?


This boy follows Yar on the TV screen.

"Here, you do it. I can't watch!"

"Go get em' Mom. Attack that shield"

"Yay! We did it!"

I wonder how many mothers saw this ad and were thinking," Maybe I should get this game and play it with my kids?" Perhaps we'll never know. Yet another excellent game marred a dopey commercial (the first Legend of Zelda shares your pain, Yar).

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