Video Game Therapy
The Sno-Bee's Session

After a long hiatus, we decided to sit in on another session of Video Game Therapy with the renowned therapist, Dr. I.M. Sane.  He is the leading therapist for video game characters and has helped many characters learn to cope with the stress of being a video game character.  Today, he is talking to the sno-bees, the villains from the game Pengo.  Let us sit in and listen Dr. Sane as he spokes to three sno-bees.

Dr. Sane-"Let us first get your names.  Could you please give me your names, starting at the far right and going to the left."

Sno-Bee #1-"Ummm... we don't have names.  We are just sno-bees."

Dr. Sane-"I see.  How do you distinguish one sno-bee from another, without names?"

Sno-Bee #2-"We never live long enough to have to worry.  Pengo always kills us first."

Dr. Sane-"Very interesting.  Can you tell me why this Pengo kills you?"

Sno-Bee #3-"We attack first.  Once we see Pengo, we try to kill him."

Dr. Sane-"Why is there such aggression towards this Pengo character?  What has he/she done to you?"

Sno-Bee #1-"We hate Pengo.  We want to kill Pengo."

Dr. Sane-"I understand that, but why do you want to kill Pengo?"

Sno-Bee #2-"We want his name!  He has a name and we have none."

Dr. Sane-"So you believe if you kill him, you will acquire his name?"

Sno-Bee #3-"That is correct.  Only problem is that every time we finally kill him, he just comes back again.  He is worse than Jason from Friday the 13th."

Dr. Sane-"If you cannot keep him dead, then why do you keep trying?  Why don't you try to come to a peaceful resolution?"

Sno-Bee #1-"Because we want his name!  We want to be the Pengo!"

Dr. Sane-"I see that this is going to take some serious therapy.  We will need to schedule weekly appointments for the next few months.  Please see my secretary to set up the appointment and we will talk next week."

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