Video Game Therapy
The Joust Session

Today's therapy session is with the pterodactyl from the game Joust. He discusses with Dr I.N.Sane about what it is like to have to go through life with the moniker "unbeatable". Let's listen in and see what they have to say.

Dr Sane-"So what brings you here today?"

Pterodactyl-"Don't be frighten of me Doc, I am actually a pretty nice guy if you get to know me."

Dr Sane-"Why should I be frighten of you, besides the fact that you are a carnivorous, prehistoric bird?"

Pterodactyl-"I have this rep, a pretty bogus one too. It is stuck with me and it keeps getting me in trouble."

Dr Sane-"Please enlighten me on this "rep".

Pterodactyl-"I am known as "unbeatable". A label the game designers stuck on me."

Dr Sane-"I see. So are you "unbeatable?"

Pterodactyl-"Heck no! A well placed lance in my mouth and whammo, I am out like a light. There was even a flaw where they could keep killing me and racking up the points. Talk about a tough day at the job. Some people complain about a little overtime. Let them try dying a few thousand times in a single day, talk about rough".

Dr Sane-"If you are so "beatable", then why does this "rep" stick with you?"

Pterodactyl-"First off, I am not that beatable. I am a pretty tough customer. As far as the "rep" sticking? I dunno, maybe most people suck so bad at Joust that they cannot beat me. Or maybe because a large, carnivorous, prehistoric bird does scare the begeebies out of people. But all I know is I cannot go into a bar for ten minutes without some redneck coming along and trying to prove he can beat the "unbeatable" pterodactyl. And dames really hate it,  I never get a second date. Either I am too rowdy or if I choose not to fight, then I am too much of a wimp, I just cannot win."

Dr Sane-"Have you thought about disguises?"

Pterodactyl-Yeah, but it is hard to cover up a body like mine. Look at the size of my beak, not some easy thing to hide. And it really hurts to have to fold up my wings and stick them in some coat."

Dr Sane-"What you need is a good public relation person. Someone that could let people know that you really are a nice dinosaur and not some bloodthirsty creature that is "unbeatable".

Pterodactyl-"That would be great Doc, think you could arrange it? I would really like a second date. Heck, I would like a fight free date."

Dr Sane-"Let me make a few calls and we will see what we can do. I was able to help Frogger get a second chance, so I think we can help you to."

Tune in next month when Dr Sane finds out why Zookeeper took an early retirement and why to this day, he cannot go to a zoo.

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