Video Game Therapy - The Fishing Derby Shark Session

Once again we stop off at the offices of Dr. I.N. Sane, the leading psychiatrist for the video game industry.  Today's session brings in the shark from Fishing Derby.  Let us sit in and listen to another session of Video Game Therapy.

Dr. Sane-What brings you in today, Mr.  ummm...Shark.

Shark-I have an eating disorder Doc. 

Dr. Sane-I see, what makes you think that you have an eating disorder, other than your very large girth. 

Shark-You see Doc, I am stuck in this one small section of the ocean, where two fishermen are constantly fishing.  And for some reason that I cannot explain, I need to keep trying to steal and eat all the fish they catch.  I don't know what it is, but once I see a fish on the line, I have to eat it.  Most of the time, I am not even hungry.  What is wrong with me Doc?

Dr. Sane-So how long has this gone on?

Shark-It began about 20 years ago.  I was swimming along, minding my own business, until I came to a section of the ocean that was teeming with fish.  At first, I could care less, I wasn't even hungry.  But then a fish got caught by a fisherman and suddenly something inside me snapped and I had to have that fish.  From then on, I was hooked.  Sorry about the bad pun.

Dr. Sane-So when a fish is caught by a hook, you get hungry and need to eat it, but when it is just swimming free, you are not interested in it, correct?

Shark-That's right Doc, one hook and I am in a frenzy.  Why Doc, why is this?

Dr. Sane-Have you tried leaving this area, possibly a change of scenery would help.

Shark-I have Doc, but every time I try to leave, I come right back.  It is like an endless loop.

Dr. Sane-Very interesting.  What other effects has it had on your life?

Shark-Look at me Doc, I am a fat shark.  I used to be slim and trim, but now I look more like a whale.  Have you ever seen a fat shark before?

Dr. Sane-Cannot say that I have.  I do think we need to set up more sessions to find the root of this eating disorder and what is causing it.  We will need to set up some more sessions.

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