Commercial Vault

In issue #50 of Retrogaming Times, we debuted a new writer and a new series.  Adam King came aboard with his very popular Commercial Vault (that later was renamed Retrogaming Commercial Vault).  It ran consistently for the next 30 issues and became a must read for classic gamers.  Here is all of the Commercial Vaults collected together in one area.  Enjoy them!

(Please note that these are not the actual commercials.  Rather they are Adam's own look at the classic commercials with photos and amusing comments.)

Vault #01 A classic Atari commercial.
Vault #02 Yar's Revenge
Vault #03 E.T.
Vault #04 Intellivision and George Plimpton #1
Vault #05 Activision Ice Hockey
Vault #06 Realsport Baseball and Cabbage Patch Kids
Vault #07 Megamania and Mario Bros.
Vault #08 Atari 7800 and Atari 2600 Jr systems
Vault #09 Pitfall and Chopper Command
Vault #10 7-Up with Pac-Man and McDonalds with Atari
Vault #11 Burgertime and Lock-n-Chase
Vault #12 M-Network and Atari UK
Vault #13 Two commercials for Atari 5200
Vault #14 Dig Dug and Pole Position
Vault #15 Star Raiders and Atari Ad
Vault #16 Joust and Turmoil
Vault #17 Atlantis, Cosmic Ark and Demon Attack
Vault #18 River Raid, Stampede and Kaboom
Vault #19 Two commercials for the Atari 400 computer
Vault #20 Intellivision System Changer and the Colecovision Expansion
Vault #21 Vanguard and Ms. Pac-Man
Vault #22 Two different Centipede commercials
Vault #23 Intellivision Space Games and Intellivision Rebate
Vault #24 Congo Bongo and Buck Rogers
Vault #25 Time Pilot/Mr. Do and Smurfs
Vault #26 Atari vs Intellivision and Intellivoice
Vault #27 Gyruss and Q*Bert
Vault #28 Odyssey 2 and Pick Axe Pete


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