The Many Faces of......Pacman.
Classic gaming's most popular character had many appearances during the classic era. He also had just as many sequels and even more clones. But the original game still has a certain charm. So this month we will rate three of the different versions of the same game. Which classic system has the best version?

Gold Medal (Atari 5200)-While the joystick takes a bit to get used to, it looks and plays quite well. The game really shines on this second generation machine.

Silver Medal (Intellivision)-This one won by default. With no version on the Atari 7800 or Coleco, it only had one other version to beat and that wasn't much competition. It plays alright, if you can handle the Intellivision controllers, which weren't made for games like this. The disc is very poor for handing mazes and you will lose some lives because of this.

Bronze Medal (Atari 2600)-A bronze medal is too good for this dog. It is only due to no other versions. This game is Pacman in name only.

-Tom Zjaba

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