The Many Faces Of....

One of the most popular and possibly the longest running feature is the Many Faces of...  The Many Faces is a comparison of the same game on different platforms.  The feature began back in issue #6, where I started it.  After three issues, Doug Saxon took it over and improved upon it.  Once Doug left, it remained in hiatus, until issue #33.  At that time Alan Hewston took over the reigns and really made it his own.  With comparisons of nearly every version he could find, as well as information on the game programmers and more, he really turned the Many Faces into possibly the most popular of the regular running articles.

The Many Faces....The Tom Zjaba Era (aka: the Early Days)
Star Trek Wizard of Wor Pacman


The Many Faces of ....The Doug Saxon Era (aka: The Evolution)

Pitfall Pitfall II Burgertime
Beamrider Zaxxon Frogger II


The Many Faces of...The Alan Hewston Era (aka: The Revolution)
Q*Bert Omega Race Demon Attack
Tapper Pooyan H.E.R.O.
River Raid Mousetrap Pengo
Berzerk Jr. Pacman Mario Bros
Asteroids Popeye Spyhunter
Gyruss Star Wars the Arcade Game Wizard of Wor
Gorf Beamrider Zaxxon
Megamania/Mr. Do Jungle Hunt Robotron 2084
Burgertime/Bump n Jump Choplifter Pitfall
Dig Dug Star Trek Joust/Turmoil

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